Symptoms: Ears perked, tail wagging with reckless abandon, and an uncontrollable urge to spin around in circles.

Diagnosis: Inside-itis

As dog people, we’re well aware of the classic signs sparked by even the slightest creak of the front door. To a dog, they see a leash, a harness, some treats and suddenly it’s clear that it’s going to be the best day ever – again. 

Aside from occasional squirrel sightings, our pups have a fairly one-track mind – Fun. With that said, as the workweek slumps off your shoulders, there’s nothing like recreating with your best friend to make any regular day a fantastic adventure. So why not do so with the most reliable dog gear out there?

Back in 2003, a three-point adjustment harness was born and Ruffwear was forever changed. Upon releasing the innovative Web Master Harness, we suddenly had a piece of gear that worked not only for ‘Houdini’ escape artist dogs, but also for hiking, running and playing. 

The original 2003 Web Master Harness

Although the basic features of the Web Master Harness have stuck around since day one, we’ve continuously been improving our design over the years. Almost ten years later, the 2012 version of what’s become a favorite on and off the trail is here. Here are some of the improvements made to the newest 2012 version:

No-Slip Girth Straps

–       With the addition of a new ladder lock, we’ve developed an efficient way to ensure the harness girth straps will stay in place for a secure fit. The girth straps are designed to support the dog as you assist them over fallen trees and logs, boulders, or even steep terrain with the padded assistance handle.

Narrow Belly Pads

–       While still maintaining the same comfort and support of our anatomically designed girth straps, we made them even better. Slightly narrower minus the fleece, the straps maintain the same comfort without twisting, slipping, or getting stuck.

Less Bulk – More Comfort

–      We’re constantly looking for ways to keep our products not only innovative, but also durable enough for the toughest dogs. With the Web Master now 20% lighter, we’ve maintained the same strength as previous models, while reducing the bulk of the overall harness. With this improvement, your dog will benefit from a lighter-weight harness that is less rigid, yet just as tough as its always been!

So when you’re hiking, scrambling, or even assisting in mobility and rehabilitation, the Web Master is a perfect multi-use harness built tough and smart.

Tail wagging, happy panting, indoor-itis is cured. 

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  1. I have a 90lb female lab named Milly who is the epitome of Houdini and getting out of her collar, harness etc. I absolutely must find a harness that she can’t twist & pull backwards and get out of! She’s a full grown dog but still a puppy and we can’t keep her on a leash bc she pulls out of her collar. So we moved to the traditional harness and bought a really nice one made for large dogs by Kong. I never in a million years thought she would be able to get out of this one bc of it being behind her legs but of course she did! I ended up running down the middle of one of our busiest city streets bc our fence was blown away by a major storm (our house backs up to a major street) & when she got scared she immediately twisted and jumped and was out of the harness and running through where the fence should be and voila gone in traffic! There has to be a harness that she can’t get out of! I just found this ruff wear harness online and need to know if it is such where the second set of loop around her flank could be tightened enough where if she started to jump up and twist backwards, would it sty tightened where it wouldn’t go over her chest seeing as we cheat and rib cage is so much larger than her flank area! Please email me back! I’m desperate and now have had myself and her almost killed in traffic bc her craziness escaped out of her harness and leash! Please help! Thanks so much! Betsy Miller 918-406-4758

  2. I just purchased the 2012. Very nice! However, I am a little worried about the fact that it has less fleece. My dog has very short fur and I am worried about chaffing. Also, too bad that it doesn’t have a light loop! Still much better than others on the market 🙂

  3. Improving the design it was a great idea. I love it when good equipment gets a fresh new look. It seems to me that this harness can be useful not only during activity, but even during visits to the vet, etc. Good job!

  4. I’m glad you worked on improving the original. Maybe it’s the color or something but the original webmaster just looks ugly!

  5. Great design that has gotten better as it’s evolved. We have had several of the packs with the harness over the years. No chaffing issues anymore on the chest, easy to attach/detach the pack, incredibly durable even though we’re lifting mountain dogs over trees (especially bad this year in CO w beetle kill).

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