Show us a dock with potential for air and we’ll show you a wet dog. For water hounds, kayak dogs, paddleboard sidekicks, and kayaking canines alike, summer is here – it’s time to get wet.

For over a decade, Ruffwear has been the leader in canine flotation and safety. Along the way we made improvements, modifications, and adjustments to our float coats, including the latest version of the K-9 Float Coat™, brand new for the Spring/Summer 2012 season.

As we developed this current version of our canine life jacket, we focused on water safety, fit, and application of the latest product innovations.  Here are some key features and benefits that can be found in the new K-9 Float Coat from Ruffwear:

Low Profile Handle – Whether you’re submerging all four paws for the first time or pulling aboard your water-logged dog in rough waters, our handle is there when you need it.

Ever noticed that our handle is up towards the front of your canine’s back, rather than in the middle like a suitcase? With the handle close to the dog’s head, you can lift your dog headfirst out of the water, while the bulk of the body weight remains in the water (and buoyant) as your dog exits. Also, your dog can use their front paws as additional leverage on docks or boats when they are lifted headfirst in this orientation. For additional support when lifting extra heavy dogs, we recommend tucking your hand under the top and back of the coat to create while lifting.

Concealed Leash Attachment – Under the low-profile handle is another safety feature worth barking about. Our leash attachment is tucked up under the handle so it’s unlikely to snag while in the water.

Hydrophobic Webbing / Sheltered Buckles – Keeping your gear streamlined when swimming in uncharted territory is important. With this in mind, we tucked the belly buckles away, sheltering them from snags, sticks, or seaweed. In addition to this, our hydrophobic webbing is designed to stay put when wet, keeping the float coat secure and in place over time.

Telescoping Neck – A permanently attached neck closure system adjusts for a range of dog sizes – always staying put for a secure fit.

So, what are you waiting for? Next time you pull out your water gear and head for the lake, river or ocean, you’ll likely have a tail wagging beside you that says, “take me too!”

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