At the Ruffwear headquarters, we sniff out the best materials, colors, and designs for our dog gear. Once our product team has honed in on every detail, we send the gear off to the hands and paws of our super-testers.  Making the best dog gear out there is a tough job – but somebody’s got to do it!

When we think of a super-tester, we think of Conservation Canines. The dogs that are part of the Conservation Canines put Ruffwear gear to the ultimate test and use it up until the bitter end in the most demanding conditions. When asked to put the TurnUp™ rubber toy through the wringer, our favorite ball- oriented canine scientists leaped in.

Turnup! My favorite!

Without hesitation, the Conservation Canine Team put the TurnUp to the test against…well, practically everything they could get their mouths on.

“We've thrown in the towel and without a doubt the TurnUp is the toughest toy we've ever found. The dogs have chewed and chewed on it, we've watched them try to pick up two at a time, try to eat without dropping it, or the best of all, watching them try to run with it and it keep slipping out of their mouth.” – Heath Smith

For Conservation Canine Sampson, cutting other industry tuff toys into thirds takes no more than 30 seconds of pure bliss during a brief moment of reckless abandon. After 63 days, Sampson was able to create the team’s first-ever TurnUp fatality. Considering most things don’t last 5 minutes with his super-canine chewing strength, 63 days was impressive enough to the team to keep them jumping (and chewing) for more.

The dogs that work with the Conservation Canines are often toy-obsessed and the scientists use specific dog toys as a reward once the dogs locate the object of their field work – the scat of wildlife species. The teams have used the TurnUp most often in their rewards for the dogs largely because of the TurnUp’s long-term durability.

Where will your dog’s TurnUp end up? 

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  1. That’s fab, I’ll have to get one for my conservation canines. They are trained to find Otter, Mink, Water Vole and Beaver here in the UK.

  2. Max loves his Turnup. He rips other toys to shreds but gnaws away at the Turnup and it’s still hole. It’s his favorite toy.

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