Before their name exits your lips, your river-obsessed hound has turned a simple trek through the woods into a mud-venture worth remembering. Smiling from ear to ear, how can you blame them? This of course is before they run towards you with that proud, wet grin of accomplishment while simultaneously covering your lower half in wet mud.

For those who always have two paws in the river and two paws on shore, there are a few things we’ve developed with you in mind.

Most notably is our Spring 2012 release of the Headwater™ Collar – Stinkproof Perfection. Just imagine a waterproof collar that shakes off the stink of playtime!

Ruffwear’s Headwater Collar features 1” waterproof, coated webbing that will keep your collar looking new. With four color choices, all with highly reflective patterns, we’ve found that healthy balance between fashion and function.

-Through proven reliable 4-point stitching (the same method trusted on Parachute Bridles and tie-down straps), the collar will stay firmly on your four-legged friend.

– As with all Ruffwear Collars, the Headwater also features the anodized aluminum V-ring providing a secure leash attachment.

What’s your favorite thing about the new Ruffwear Headwater Collar?

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  1. I just ordered this collar in green! I can’t wait for it to arrive so I can stop the endless scrubbing and drying routine for Nala’s current dirty, stinky collar.

  2. Looks like a great product! While we really, really enjoy cutesy collars, functional is always our top priority. I love the style and functionality of this as well!

  3. I’ve had an older version of this collar on my Lab (who I cannot keep out of the water) for a couple of years and it is awesome! Her old collars used to get nasty and reek so badly. This collar did start to smell a little last summer but I just dunked it directly into some bleach for a minute, rinsed it off, and it was good as new! Best water dog product ever.

  4. The reflective patterns are awesome. It is hard to increase visibility night running on the trails. Now I will always be able to see Sage with my headlamp!

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