Riding and playing are Lindsey’s passion. From being a driven leader of the cycling industry to enjoying life, work, and play in beautiful Central Oregon, Lindsey understands exactly what it means to take gear to the max. Naturally, her  furry best friends follow suit.

This is the story of rescuing our dream girl. I have always loved the way Blue Nose Pit Bulls look. I’ll admit, after seeing a few episodes of Ceasar Milan’s, The Dog Whisperer, I was convinced our next dog had to be a Blue Nose Pit:

“Bunny Ears”

I checked petfinder.org almost every day for 6 months after our beloved boxer/rotty/pit mix passed away. I was desperate to find our little red-nosed pit-mix Rocco a sister, but I wasn’t going to settle for any dog.

Suddenly, one day there she was.

The most beautiful little Blue Nose Pit Bull I had ever seen. The photos of her were stunning, but it was the video of her walking up to the camera with sweet, soft eyes and a constantly wagging tail that had me at “Hello”. My heart jumped out of my chest when I saw her sweet gray eyes and seemingly mellow demeanor, I HAD to have her.

I emailed Star Paws rescue down in LA immediately asking if she was still available.

The woman told me she had over 100 inquiries about her and was sending her to her new home tomorrow for a one-week trial.  My heart sank, I KNEW she was the one. I just knew it.  I sent the woman a long email about how we live in beautiful Bend, Oregon at the border of the Deschutes National Forest. My husband and I run a mountain bike tour and we travel the country promoting the mountain bike lifestyle. I told her our two wonderful dogs have always come with us just about everywhere and have experienced the most beautiful lakes, rivers, mountains and forests around.  I sent photos of my dogs in their Ruffwear life vests sitting in our kayaks, swimming in crystal clear waters, and basking in the sun on the shores of the cascade lakes. I BEGGED her to think of me if for some reason her trial run in her new home did not work out.

Two days later I got an email that exploded my heart. The woman who adopted her left her home all day the first day she had her, and her landlord was not happy she brought home a Pit Bull. The rescue took her back and asked if we still wanted her!!!!  Even more amazing, the rescue held her for us for 3 weeks so we could plan our trip down to LA to pick her up during Thanksgiving, when we would also be able to spend the holidays with my husband’s family who live down there. The woman said she wanted to see her get out of LA. YES!

When we arrived at her foster home I knew immediately we made the right decision.She was beautiful, sweet, loving and a happy happy girl.

Gracie with her Sqwash™

Today Gracie is the best dog I’ve ever known. She is nice to every dog she meets and if another dog dominates her, she turns her back and closes her eyes until they are ready to be nice and play. She sits in our laps even though she is a little big for that now, and sleeps under the covers in our bed every night. She lays on top of Rocco any chance she gets and they love to ride in the kayaks and swim in rivers and lakes together as we traverse the country in our sprinter van.

Both my dogs love adventures and have seen more of North America than most people I know. Both dogs were rescued from the streets of southern California.

Rocco is 9 years old and Gracie is now a year and a half and both dogs began their traveling lifestyle at the ripe ages of 8 months old.

We wouldn’t have survived without all of our durable Ruff Wear gear, as it’s easy to travel with and holds up no matter what you put it through.

To read more about the lives of Lindsey, Kirt, Rocco, and Gracie, click here.

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  1. Great story – very heart-warming. I too adopted my dogs,they are amazing and it’s so nice to give them a better life than what they had before.

  2. Love this story and love blue nose APBTs! A few weeks back I was looking at the photos of Gracie kayaking on the Ruff Wear Facebook page and several people mistook Gracie for my APBT girl, The Doctor.
    Pit Bulls make awesome adventure dogs! Wonderful, brave explorers who never stray too far from their family.

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