Developing gear that enables you and your four-legged friend to step from the known into the unknown is our passion. Whether it’s your first time tying into a joring system, or your 8th backpacking trip this year, letting loose into each experience is key. Having gear that lets you focus on each wag, dirty paw, and wildflower along the way, starts here. 

This spring, released three re-designed versions of products you already love, the Palisades Pack™, the Web Master™ Harness, and the K-9 Float Coat™.

Back in 2008 the Palisades Pack and Web Master Harness (wow has it been that long?) hit the web, stores, and your paws. Four years later, you’re barking and as it turned out – we were listening! Here are some of the upgrades in our 2012 re-designs.

Web Master Harness:

Coming in handy on those days that we tread the hot earth desperately seeking cool shade, the new Web Master Harness features 20% less weight.

Crashing through endless shrubs and low-hanging tree branches also seems a little easier with sheltered buckles that stay in place under a streamlined sleeve of fabric.

Palisades Pack:

With each step and ascent of a steep incline, suddenly a 25% weight decrease in the new Palisades Pack seems less than trivial. Success! All paws in the air- you made it!

Also,  the pack connection points are positioned in a sheltered buckle sleeve of their own for the dog that tends to underestimate the space between the edges of their pack and the nearest tree stump.

Over three generations of pack designs, the H2O bladders continue to evolve. Our newest model features two simple collapsible bottles that each hold 1L of water and are designed to keep water from spilling or leaking while we run, jump and play.

K-9 Float Coat:

From the moment your dog’s fur flips from dry to wet, we’ve got you covered. The new K-9 Overcoat’s most exciting new feature is the Telescoping Neck Piece. With the help of a sleeve, a core, and an adjustment system, the neck of the new float coat remains secure while keeping all hardware enclosed and attached.

Wading through rivers, lakes, and oceans presents obstacles like kelp, sticks and rocks. The sheltered buckles are tucked away in a sleeve of fabric, keeping them from snagging on debris.

Wrapping up and heading out on your next adventure is easy. Breathe in fresh air, the smell of wet dog fur, and dogspeed.

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  1. What pack is the girl wearing in the first picture in front of the Pacific Crest sign? It looks nice.

  2. Any plans to sell the 1L collapsible bottles separately? We have the palisades pack, and rarely use the bladders because they’re quite unwieldy. Platy bottles and nalgene cantene are too long to fit nicely.

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