Our spring 2012 Sneak-a-thon continues with round two of peeks into our new line available starting Friday, March 30th! With sunshine showing off around every corner, the thoughts of summer are soaking in even as we break slushy trails in these early days of spring.

To kick us off, we’ve built a new float coat that’s ideal for canines that frequent the water.  The K-9 Float Coat™ is a premium, fully-featured life jacket is perfect for aggressive swimmers in rough or fast-moving water, day or night as well as for those dogs who just fancy getting their paws wet. Either way, the confidence-inspiring design will keep both you, and your pup ready for rapids, beach days, or dock days.


One of the most exciting features of our new K-9 Float Coat is the telescoping neck closure system. The concept is to allow for a full range of dog sizes, while remaining permanently attached and secure.

Something we’re so happy to introduce is our Headwater™ Collar.  Featuring a proven, reliable 4-point stitching, this collar is strong and secure. The best thing about this collar is that it’s waterproof, stink-proof,  and reflective for the water dog that never stops. Designed for swimming, playing in the water, and for rainy climates.


So here’s to another amazing spring/summer season spent in and around the water, we’re ready to run – play – jump – and splash around!

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  1. I think it’s great RuffWear is making improvements to already incredible products. My australian shepherd has all the staple RW items and all have been fantastic in quality/durability. All the new products I’ve seen do look lighter with new materials and seem to focus on the fit of the dog ergonomics better…which is what is basically done to our own gear isnt it?! Looking forward to see how the Palisades pack has improved as I need a Large now for my pup. Though I did like the Camelbak tube style where I could just twist open from outside the old pack and let it drain into a bowl – versus the new Platypus bottle style it seems where I’ll need to work to get the bottle out of the pack to use.

    I love the bright colors. It’s technical gear for dogs. Whether its him swimming next to my kayak, mounting biking on the trail, or walking off leash at night – the brighter the better! It’s easier for others to see him and therefore, that much safer. Thanks RW! It’s my Bday Sat – and so excited to see the new Palisades details arriving tomorrow! 🙂

    1. Oh and to add. One thing I’d REALLY like to see is the thicknesses of the collars increase with the size of the collar. My dog is fitted with RW head to toe, but one thing I’d want to upgrade to an ultra thick collar for him (at 105lbs). Just something that feels stronger. Would love to buy the Headwater – but I know something thicker would be even more ideal.

  2. I have to say after round two I just ain’t that impressed, nothing really new just some redesigns to your previous products. Come on Ruffwear let us see something new or something unexpected, something tactical (or at least subdued in color) would be nice as not everyone, or every-time do we want our dogs looking like bozo the clown and a traffic safety cone had a baby. We love and enjoy the durability of your products, but once in a while you really need to review the color schemes you pick as they are a bit hideous in their brightness.

    1. I disagree. Bright colors make it easy to spot the dogs, which is a good thing. I am so glad to see the Headwater collar is back! Loved the original version and was sad when they were recalled. This is the best collar for water dogs!

      I do agree that some brand new products would be nice.

    2. I agree with Kevin on the colors – I understand some people like the bright colors for visibility – by all means keep those – but I’d love it if RW products were offered in more subdued colors for those of us that don’t need/want high visibility.

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