Working for Ruffwear is known to cause side effects of laughter, addiction to the outdoors, and the sensation of an extended furry family. In dog- and sport-focused Central Oregon, we’ve been lucky to string together a group of individuals with a passion for getting dirty and all the fun that comes along with it.



In addition to our summer retreats, and general day to day fun-having, team Ruffwear hit the slopes for our annual ski day at Edison Snow Park. We covered all skill levels from beginner, or ‘snow challenged’ (in reference to myself of course), to advanced, getting in a day cross-country skiing with our four-legged friends in near perfect conditions.

'Proper Technique' by Jesse Hell

All said and done we returned relatively unscathed with only minor blood shed. Survival! So naturally with any success story of survival and fun, we drove directly to one of the 37 local Bend breweries.  We humans and dogs were 10 Barrel Brewery bound – hungry for the best IPA this side of the Cascades.



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