Leap [leep]


  1. To spring through the air from one point or position to another; jump: to leap over a ditch.

For most people, Leap Year denotes the rogue day in February that only occurs once every four years. As the calendar days of 2012 rush past us, the last day of February sheds a different light here at the Ruffwear headquarters.

Reflecting forward, February 29th evokes a playful visual of running, jumping, or even better yet, leaping into March. So in the spirit of leaping, who knows better than our canine companions as all four paws enter the great airy abyss. It’s no surprise that our dogs inspire us, drive us, and encourage us to get outside and take the leap into spring adventures.

From mud puddle wallowing to snow bound powder hounds, this between-season can offer endless opportunities for all paws to take flight and land somewhere unexpected. Find your flight, find your air and the moment where lift off occurs, rejoice in adventure-filled freedom!

Was your dog born on a Leap Year? Or do they just love leaping? 🙂

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