659 Miles and 11 hours of transit time later, four wheels roll to a halt in Salt Lake City. The Ruffwear van arrives at Outdoor Retailer – all the way from Oregon in one day.

Goodbye Oregon! Hello Utah!

Although the Ruffwear pack has been traveling to the OR show every year since 1994, Patrick, Greg, and Colin decided it was time to once again rely on a more unconventional form of travel – the van. This being the first van-powered journey since 2008, the true form of Ruffwear’s colors were represented along the way.

Ruffwear's original van

Often, the adventure is all about the journey rather than the destination.

Wait...you guys made it in 11 hours AND hit hot springs?!
Wait...What's happening here?

Day One in Salt Lake City was definitely of note as we charge forth with the Outdoor Retailer All Mountain Demo. Here, testing the newest gear  before it hits the market is the norm. Naturally, the Omnijore™ Joring System is front and center.

The calculated chaos of Outdoor Retailer
The Omnijore™ in ACTION!

Stay tuned for more updates as we follow our team on this very special journey.

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6 thoughts

  1. RW: you need to post more pics from DEMO DAY at Solitude at OR Winter Market.

    Here is a link of SHAZAM and Maren demoing the RW OmniJore Harness at the OR Winter Market Demo Day:

  2. Looks like Maren Gibsen of ARCTIC RESCUE.com Skijoring with the RW OMINJORE system. GO HUSKIES…….Welcome to Utah and the Wasatch Front. Here comes the SNOW.

      1. Maren and I are just part of the local Wasatch Front / N Utah outdoor sports RW FAN CLUB. Here in N Utah, we celebrate 4 seasons of outdoor sports. RW outfits our Canine Beasties, so we NEVER have to leave them at home!!!

        Right now, a major storm front is hitting the WASATCH FRONT Mts. It is coming in from Seattle, so lots of moisture in it. From my iMac, I can hear the locals call: POWDER INCOMING………….

        I’ve got a Golden Retriever = 4 season Water Dog, who does not CARE what form that WATER takes. With a SLOW SNOW season for the Wasatch, the SNOW BUNNIES and SNOW DOGGIES over did their SNOW DANCE. Rumor has it that if you are going out in this……take you Avalanche Preparedness Kit with you. YeeeeeeeeeHAW……. as we say, when is snows like this.

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