From dog days on our local mountain to tail wagging drives through the deserts of Utah, Ruffwear is ramping up for a great year.

To start, last week we took a special sneak peek into the lives of our local Mt. Bachelor Avalanche Rescue Team. It turns out that working like a dog transcends casual water cooler banter as these four-legged powder hounds start and end their day with a singular mission – to save lives.

A short ride from town to Mt. Bachelor’s Pine Martin Lodge will bring you to where it all begins. Four enthusiastic labs, and a group of passionate handlers form a super team of Avalanche Rescue.  Here at Mt. Bachelor, Kenai, Makita, Riggins, and Wyatt are only the first in a long list of international teams that work hard to keep the chaos of the mountains at bay.

As we follow our team, we watch Riggins; the youngest of Mt. Bachelor’s pack, dive nose first into the snow to dig out one of the handlers during a drill. What Mt. Bachelor is doing well, aside from endless hours of precise training through scent and repetition, is building a loyal pack of dogs who ensure the everyday safety of skiers and snowboarders who visit the Bachelor butte.

Our day with the Mt. Bachelor avalanche dogs came to an end with a fun visit to the newly unveiled off-leash dog park sponsored by Ruffwear. It was here that the Avi dogs punched their time cards, and let loose to RUN, PLAY, and JUMP. Tug of war was the name of the game until slobber covered Hydro Planes were finally retired for the evening and the dogs loaded up, ready to eagerly return tomorrow.


As we continue with our productive start to 2012, we’re sending off part of the Ruffwear pack to the Outdoor Retailer show this week in Utah. With an early morning exit, the Ruffwear van drove into the sunrise and away from Bend. Fifteen hours of quality road time left with a lot of fun to come.

Stay tuned all week for updates from our team at one of the biggest gear shows in the country.

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  1. Which version of the Web Master is that Lab wearing in the third picture? I have never seen it before. Is it custom made for the Rescue dogs?

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