We’re excited to introduce the Ruffwear Dog Park at Mt. Bachelor outside of Bend, OR. The Ruffwear off-leash dog park  is located at the far west end of the West Village parking area. It will have everything from Ruff Wear dog toys, a groomed ‘snow-play’ area, to dog waste bags.

During a visit to Mt. Bachelor yesterday, we shot a couple photos of the park open and IN ACTION!

Mt. Bachelor Ski Resort guests are encouraged to take advantage of the Ruffwear Dog Park and let their four-legged friends run free!

About Mt. Bachelor

Mt. Bachelor is the largest ski resort in the Cascade Range, offering 3,683 acres of lift-accessible terrain. The mountain features 10 lifts, seven of which are Express Quads, plus two tubing lifts and two beginner carpets and an average annual snowfall of 370 inches. Mt. Bachelor also features 5 terrain parks, 2 half pipes, 56K of groomed and tracked cross country trails, snowshoeing, tubing, sled dog rides and summer attractions. For weather conditions, news and events visit www.mtbachelor.com.

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  1. I so want to move there! It looks so pretty and so dog friendly. So jealous! Everybody here thinks I’m crazy because I hike with my dogs everyday. They just don’t know what fun they’re missing out on! Although, hikes would be more enjoyable with a view like that rather than empty cornfields lol.

    1. Nope – not Artie! Those are the black lab Avi Rescue dogs at MTB. Artie wanted to go, but the black lab quota was met. 🙂

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