Lindsey Clark, Ruff Wear product designer and colorist, shares some insights into the color selection process

The best part of my job!

I am very motivated by color. In fact, I think most people are, whether they are aware of it or not. There are deep psychological connections that can’t be denied: we are calmed by shades of blue, cheered by yellow, excited by red. Here at Ruff Wear, we consider a variety of factors when choosing colors for our products: from visibility, to environment, to long-term durability.


Our colors are fun! Ruff Wear gear is designed for your most enjoyable outdoor activities: those you share with your dog. Bright, saturated, lively colors make those fun activities even better.

These two don't seem too calmed by all their blue gear...


Speaking of bright and saturated, visibility is an important factor that we consider when coloring our products. Does your dog enjoy hiking off-leash during hunting season, or jogging with you near traffic? Bright, attention-getting colors on your dog (and you!) will keep you both visible and safe.

You're hurting my eyes!


Our leashes and collars are designed to last the lifetime of your dog – and your best friend loves the outdoors as much as you – so of course they get dirty. You won’t find any pastel colors here; darker, yet colorful webbing hides dirt and washes really well!

She plans to look this good five years from now.


Some of our products are designed specifically for use in hot environments, like the Singletrak Pack™. Both colors of the Singletrak Pack were carefully chosen to minimize heat absorption from the sun, yet not get dirty too easily.

Hot weather = long tongues. Good thing they are packing water!


All of our colors come straight from nature, and we have named them accordingly. Cinder Cone Red, Twilight Gray, Overcast Blue, Campfire Orange, Alpenglow Purple, Obsidian Black… these are the things that inspire us in the outdoors, and when we make gear for our best friends.

Jack chose those boots to match the Deschutes...

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  1. Lindsey, I agree with Alayna….our Tripawds members are always asking for more girlie colors, especially in the Webmaster and Doubleback product line. It was cool to see the Climate Changer in pink but they went too fast! Any chance you’ll incorporate these femme colors into your selections?

  2. I wish you guys had more pink tones! I have a masculine looking female dog and unless she is wearing pink everyone think she’s a male.

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