Across the board, Ruff Wear has been a long time supporter of Search and Rescue dogs. From rubble to rapids, these canines are selected for their proven ability to alert their human colleagues to scents that can save lives. Many of the teams across the United States are proud Ruff Wear brand Ambassadors, including our home team at Mt. Bachelor. The Mt. Bachelor Avalanche Rescue Dog Team works closely with Ruff Wear in Bend, Oregon as they continue to build their valuable skills through hard work and a lot of training.

You’re probably wondering how these handlers successfully train their dogs to save lives through scent. As simple as it sounds, many of the handlers use reward-based training by utilizing treats or toys. With dedication from these human-canine teams, each dog meets their rescue certification by locating three buried people in seven minutes.

Thankful for such an amazing group, Ruff Wear is fortunate to be able to use feedback from teams like the one at Mt. Bachelor to build products with a purpose. Our Web Master™ Harness and DoubleBack™ Harness are great examples of what we’ve been able to design with input from these hard-working rescue teams.

Over the next few weeks, we’ll look forward to learning more about our Mt. Bachelor Avalanche Rescue Dog Team as we highlight the hard work that Kenai, Makito and Wyatt put forth every year.

Do you have a SAR dog team near you?

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