Professional box packer gone customer service guru turned social media marketing wiz.

Since early 2009 I’ve zipped my way around Ruff Wear gaining new positions, titles, and duties along the way. In November of 2011 my feet finally landed at their final destination – Ruff Wear’s Social Media Marketing Coordinator.

From the distinct moment in my youth when I realized I had to pick a career, I knew that it had to include two things: Dogs and the Outdoors. Early on, I had wild dreams of becoming a heroine of animal needs as the traveling Amelia Earhart of Veterinarians. Later I documented every tail wag I saw across the world behind my camera lens but there still seemed to be something missing. For someone who loves the outdoors as much as I do, the aHA! moment finally occurred when I landed my dream job; writing about dogs, the outdoors and everything in between for Ruff Wear™.

Big Hug Mug
Big Hug Mug!

Over the past two months we’ve ran together, jumped together, and played together all the while living our lives for those moments that take our breath away. Together, we’ve opened the door to the calculated chaos that we call Life with Dogs. So in the spirit of formal introductions, here’s a bit about myself, my passion for outdoors and every dog I encounter along the way.

Zephyr in Red Rocks, Penny at Smith Rocks, Falcor in Red Rocks, Boone in Bishop

After surviving a relatively stagnant  youth, it was no surprise that from  my very first day on the sharp end of a climbing rope, I clung on and never let go. At 25, rock climbing seems to have unfolded into a full-blown passion, lifestyle, and definition of who I am. From the seemingly miraculous re-growth of my raw fingertips to learning how to overcome both failures and successes, climbing has taught me the tenacity of personal endurance; A true emotional test for even the most driven athlete. With no rock left un-turned, I realized that climbing is even one of the most dog friendly sports out there. Because most climbers love dogs just as much a I do, we’re lucky to share each day with the unconditional wags waiting as we lower down off of each pitch.  It’s that moment when we become unleashed and all organization or planning ends that our true experience will begin.

Tsunami 5.12c, Doritos 5.12c, Kiss Fight 5.12b, Racking up our Gear

So at the end of the day, my checklist seems crossed off. I write, I shoot photos, I climb, and I play. Every step of the way, sharing it with the four legged friends who make me a better person, and make every day count.

Here’s to sharing the experiences with our dogs that make life worth wagging about.

Do you have a passion? How do you share it with the dogs in  your life?

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  1. I have been a commercial flight attendant for many years and switched over to corporate (private) flying. I learned about too many animals getting injured or killed in the cabin because they aren’t provided the same safety considerations as humans and the AHA moment came. I developed safety standards for our pets flying in the cabin and carry oxygen masks, seat restraints and RUFF WEAR Float Coats to keep them as safe as the humans on board. Now I specialize in flying with folks who travel with their pets and am living my dream. Keeping pets safer when they fly and catering to the best pawsengers out there? It doesn’t get any better than that!!!

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