You heard us! We’ve selected TWO winners for our Ruff Wear Adventure Contest!

After just under 450 entries and approximately 5,000 overall Facebook ‘likes’ we couldn’t resist picking one more!

Winner of the Ruff Wear Adventure Photo contest with the most Facebook ‘likes’ is:

Nora Summit Dog with an astounding 1,809 overall Likes! Nora will not only get her choice of any single Ruff Wear Product of her choice, but her winning photo will also be featured on the Ruff Wear Homepage for the Month of January:

When we originally put together our Adventure Photo Contest, we never could have imagined where it would take us. For canines and humans alike, adventure truly begins in the moments that take your breath away. Inspired and impressed by every single photo, simply one winner just wouldn’t do.

Winner of the in house choice is this striking image of George in our Ruff Wear Approach Pack™. George will also receive his choice of any single Ruff Wear Product of his choice as well as have his photo featured on the Ruff Wear Homepage for the month of January:

A huge thank you to every single photo, and more importantly, the experience that inspired it.

Cheers to our Ruff Wear fans across the world!

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  1. Congrats to the winners!

    Now that it’s all over, I’d just like to request that the rules be more clear if there are any future contests. I was under the impression that the pictures had to be action shots of our dog wearing Ruff Wear gear. The words “In Action” were in bold print and capitalized over a picture of a dog in action on the contest information page so I don’t feel that I was off base in my assumption. I’m sure we all have fantastic photos of our dogs posing in front of beautiful scenery (real or fake) but that’s not what I thought this competition was about.

    Still, it’s all in good fun and I’d like to thank you for hosting the contest. It was wonderful to see so many dogs enjoying the outdoors!

    1. Thanks so much for the feedback 🙂 We’ll take all of your comments and thoughts into consideration for our next large contest. Our apologies if the rules were confusing.

      In the long run we were so inspired to see all of the amazing adventures that our fans take their dogs on. A true showcasing into the life of a Ruff Wear dog. Amazing!

      Thanks again!

  2. I agree with the negs on photo shopped pictures. Though they are great pictures, they are not natural, they are fake no matter how you cut it. I thought the photos submitted were actual photos. I really feel when you submit a photo you should say if it was doctored or real. It would make a big difference on how I vote. I could only imagine what we could have done with the photo we submitted.

  3. lol.. Total Agree :0)


    the second Pic GibsonVisuals Photography Pet Photography

    But anyway Congratulations to the winners!

    1. I just don’t get all of the negative comments about the use of Photoshop. Is it somehow considered cheating to utilize a skill set such as editing a digital photo? The point of the contest was to show dogs in Ruff Wear gear enjoying the great outdoors, which both photos do exceptionally well. Also, who cares if it was taken by somebody with a business license – (s)he takes awesome pictures. All the negative comments really suck the joy out fun contests like this.

      1. I did not enter this competition.

        Every contest and fun competition I encounter is now dominated by “professionals” and specialist angling to improve their portfolio or ego.

        It would be nice if people would act in the spirit of the competition.

        A photoshopped picture is not a photograph once a certain percentage of the photo is changed. It becomes graphic art not a photograph

        In a photography contest photoshopping is cheating.

        Thank You

        1. Hi Perry-
          Thank you for your concern and comments. We completely understand what you’re talking about and appreciate you taking the time to write in.

          Overall the contest showed us all of the amazing places that people take their dogs. We feel that overall as a result, it was a success. Over 400 photos of wonderful, inspiring adventures.

          Although nothing is proven to be photo shopped or not, we truly believe that these two dogs experience adventure as per the contest specifications.

          Again, thank you for sharing – we look forward to doing another amazing contest soon!

  4. Thank you everyone! What an incredible way for our Ruff Wear fans to show us all of the amazing adventures that they share with their dogs.

    These are the photos that remind us of when beauty or adventure stopped us in our tracks. The photos that allow us to embrace the outdoors step by step as we share it with our four legged friends along the way.

    Inspired, we couldn’t ask for more. Amazing and a true reminder of what it’s really about – getting outside with your dog 🙂

  5. Brilliant photos! Both dogs are adorable!

    (just discard the negative comments as it was a contest of ruffwear gear not unedited photos)

  6. Congratulations to the winners, and to all the contestants too!! So many doogs never get the taste of this kind of life, so well done everyone:)
    Enjoy the nice comments, and disregard the rest. When life gives you lemons, etc etc;)
    Hugs from me ande my Dachsen Mocca, photo 141, album 1.

  7. We see excellent photos like these every day from our dog friendly hiking community. I think the only shame lies in not losing gracefully… and congratulations to the winners!

      1. Nora is a beagle x bassett, I believe. Beagles can run 25 miles a day, so they would be a great choice for active owners who enjoy hiking.

      2. Hi Lara, as Priscilla Hensel explained, Nora is a Beagle / Bassett mix and she like hiking overall… for more pictures just join Facebook Nora SummitDog or visit the following web of hiker with a large number of Nora hikes… or more picture from the same place as the winner photo…

  8. Dear Ruff Wear time… Nora says thank you and all 445 dogs are winner, to be furtunate to enjoy the freedom faraway from the civilization. Nora is aksing, why not 3 winners… Porota with more than 1500 votes with over 1200 votes to the third for sure worth to be a winner also. Nora as Porota showed a passion in unique way and we strong believe that you agree with Nora that it more than worth to share the picture and a price for Porota too… Both togheter have more than 2/3 of the overall votes of this beautiul photo contest of Ruff Waer. If not, Nora ask me if you can share the price with Porota… but Nora is convinced to Ruff Wear will have 3 winners as in any other dicipline… Thank you for your goodwill and a warm regard from Spain and Switzerland to everybody.

    1. Post processing a photo does not make it ‘fake’. This is a dog gear in use photo contest for goodness sakes, no one was required to shoot and submit raw files.

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