One…two…three…RUN! JUMP! PLAY!

Often this is the standard reaction for both humans and canines alike when the day begins with a yard full of the fluffy white stuff.

When it comes to winter weather forecasts in North America, two cryptic Spanish phrases are frequently thrown around: El Niño and La Niña. With weather predictions this season calling for a La Niña winter, many questions come to mind. Most importantly for us powder hounds; what does that mean for snow here, there, and everywhere in between?

To break it down, La Niña is a weather phenomenon that occurs when sea surface temperatures across the equatorial central and eastern Pacific are below normal. In the past, La Niña has been a large contributor to winter storms in the Midwest and Northeast United States. This year, the hope of bountiful trails of fresh powder is leaving us waiting and wagging for more.

Bridger and Tyge enjoying winter adventures in Oregon

Still searching, we went to for more info. According to their seasoned forecast team, a large part of the country is in for another brutally cold winter with lots of snow, thanks to La Niña. For Ruff Wear, this could mean a winter full of powder-pouncing adventure. From skijoring, to snowshoeing, to backcountry winter camping, cold-weather adventures with your dog will likely continue on into the spring season.

So, where do you find out exactly what the snowfall will be like near your local mountain play land? We found an online site specifically designed for tracking powder across the United States. With a little research, you can quickly hone in on the snow in your area, leaving more time to wax your skis and pack your Approach Pack™ full of treats. has everything from a snow map to zip code search engines to narrow in on your local powder.

La Niña is predicted to cause a variety of weather this season. Depending on your area or outdoor passion, that can be cause for celebration…or not, so we’ve come to one conclusion for your winter experience. From blizzards, to crisp and sunny winter days, now is a great time to get outside and play with your dog. Nothing feels better than re-heating after a long adventure in the snow, sand, or on the trails with your dog.

Is your pup geared up and ready for the POW? For more info on which winter coat suits your dog’s needs, check out our comparison chart of Ruff Wear’s winter dog jackets by clicking on the image above.
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