Through the rush of the holiday season we can take solace in the unwavering optimism of our adventure-ready pups. To celebrate their zest for life, we asked our Ruff Wear pack what they were thankful for this Thanksgiving. No surprise to hear the inspiring excitement as they barked back at us!

Go ahead, chase me!

Baker – Cattle Dog Mutt  / Human – Ian
“I am thankful for giant sand dunes and sticks! Oh, and my humans who let me run around like a crazy dog!”

Here I come!

Gordo – Malamute / Humans – Patrick and Colleen
“I am thankful for all of the adventures with my two legged and four legged friends, for campfire group breakfasts in summer where a plate of bacon and eggs may present itself to me and come winter, I am thankful that someone finally turned the heat down in this place – I thrive in this weather.”

Pull, pull, pull!

Mavis – Australian Cattle Dog  / Humans – Patrick and Colleen
“I am thankful that I get to test and use the warmest coats and the Omnijore Joring System when winter rolls around. I love getting out with my friends and making the most of cool winter days.”

Dang - I look good in this pack!

Tiki – Cattle Dog Mix / Human – Lauren
“I’m thankful for all the hiking trails here in Bend. I love leading the pack when we’re out on the trail!”

The fish come to ME right?

Midge – Irish Water Spaniel / Human – Dove
“I’m thankful that my mom loves to fish! Water morning, noon, and night, makes me so happy.”

Cool and happy on the trail!

Hank – Black Lab / Human – Debbie
“I am thankful my humans like to run! We love exploring new trails and hills are the best way to beat them up the hill!”

You steer, I'll pull!

Max – Black Lab / Human – Debbie
“I am extremely thankful for the new Omnijore Joring System…..I never knew just how much fun Debbie and I could have zipping along the trails in the snow together!  I love looking back at her and seeing her smiling face while we skijore!”

Winning at life!

Kaya – Fluff Ball / Human – Lindsey
“I’m thankful that my humans like to ski the steeps… It’s easier to keep up with deep snow and short legs!”

Yeah, this is my playground. Not a big deal...

Ruby – Great Dane/Pit Bull Mix / Human – (Aunt) Tara
“I’m thankful that my humans love Smith Rock just as much as I do! Nothing beats spending most of my days chewing on sticks and looking adorable!”

I think I was MADE for this!
I think I was MADE for this!

Artie – Black Lab / Human – Susan
“I’m thankful that living in Central Oregon offers endless outdoor adventure opportunities from swimming to skiing to hiking, it’s a black lab’s dream come true!”

C'mon, let's go!

Jada – Vizsla / Human – Moira
“I’m thankful that my human loves mountain biking just as much as I do! I can always keep her pedaling hard to keep up with me!”

Ripley -1 Pinecone -0

Ripley – Mini Schnauzer / Human – Chelsea
“I’m thankful for the Fall season.  My favorite toys (pinecones) just fall out of the sky into my yard!”

Think you can out run me?!

Samson – Greyhound Mix / Human – Geoff
“I’m thankful the DRT is off-leash starting September 15.”

You want a doodle hug, yes?

Sophie (aka Phyllis Diller) – Goldendoodle / Human – Greg
“I am thankful for the fact that I am often times asked to test new Ruff Wear products to their limit. Swimming with boots and a Singletrak Pack is all in a days work (also I am thankful for a good hair day).”

Ready for play.....NOW!
Ready for play.....NOW!

Ricky – Golden Retriever / Human – Greg
“I am thankful for my eleven years with many outdoor adventures. Even before Greg  joined Ruff  Wear I went on many adventures with my mom and sister (the Golden Trio).  I was thankful for about 10 minutes when Greg brought Sophie home to be my buddy. Now not so much….. I guess she keeps me young.”

Frisbee, Frisbee, Frisbee, Frisbee

Nellie – Black Lab / Human – Kyle
“I am thankful for living in a place where I can hike, swim, and play for a full day without having to be on leash. I get to see deer, coyote, and elk tracks every day on the trail! I guess mostly I’m thankful for the freedom of the trail!”

Is there bacon in that camera?

Dahlia– Golden Retriever / Human – Jeremiah
“I am thankful for every exposed human body part that I can lick. If it weren’t for me, these people would never get clean!”

Dogs can steer boats. I'm surprised you didn't know that.

Cinder -Springer Spaniel / Human – Will
“I’m thankful for early fall and chasing steelhead on the lower Deschutes River!”

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  1. HI,
    Virgule and Victoire, 7 and 8 years old English cockers, 38 pounds and 44 pounds( they feed with meat) are in the forest summer and winter, 2 times a week, and have a 5km walks each day, on hot concrete, asphalt. and ice, slush, salt, snow, hard snow.
    the with inte back are 2 1/4″ and front, one is 2/14″ the other girl, 2 3/8-2 1/2″
    I woud like to know experience with medium hunting dogs( bird) and very good swimmers.
    From Québec , Canada

  2. Awesome photos and a great post! My Rhodesian Ridgeback, Mr. Eko, is thankful for all the adventures we get to have while on the road together. You can check some of them out at

  3. Note from Beauregard the German Shorthaired Pointer

    I am thankful for cuddling with my mom under warm blankets and chasing a tennis ball in wide open spaces.

  4. My Black Lab-Babe is thankful for the big pool we have here in the desert of Arizona. She gets to have a swim each morning before her four mile walk. When she gets home she does a couple of cool down laps in the pool and then has breakfast. She is such a great dog and is the best companion. I know that if anyone ever had an accident in the pool she would do whatever she could to save them.

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