The varied sport of Joring continues to evolve across the globe in many different forms. While Joring doesn’t specifically imply dog-powered pulling, the idea of a dog pulling a human may be the most common image that comes to mind when we think of Skijoring or Skatejoring, for example. Other common forms of Joring are horse-powered or motor vehicle powered.

When it comes to dogs and Joring, it seems that our four-legged friends have been excited about pulling long before we considered it a sport. For this reason, identifying Joring’s country of origin is difficult. However, the beginnings of Skijoring, in particular, seem to stem from a more popular offshoot of the Scandinavian sport Pulka.

From making an appearance at the 2nd Olympic Winter Games in 1928 to becoming a sanctioned sport in 1999, Skijoring has taken off and continues to gain in popularity with every passing year. In February of 2011, the United States held what was the world’s largest Skijoring event to date at the City of Lakes Loppet in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The event included 200 teams and saw the first-ever National Skijoring Championship.

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Beyond skiing, jogging with your dog has great potential as a Joring-style sport as Canicross has built itself into a niche of its own, and it continues to gain in popularity.

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