Few things are more inspiring than the motionless stare of anticipation glazed over an adventure-ready pup’s face. The act of pulling out their favorite harness, pack, or toy clearly signals that adventure is due to commence immediately. From big walls to big hills, dogs around the world are wagging their tails about new daring and exciting adventures every day.

Meet Griffin, the 2-year-old pavement addict with Skatejoring on the brain. Since getting his paws on our new Omnijore™ Joring System, Griffin’s passion for pulling has finally found its place towing his human Josh Phillips around on his skateboard, skis, or anything that slides.  What seems to be an endless amount of energy for pulling proves to be a great source of quick and easy exercise according to Griffin’s human.

Although Griffin is not the only Omnijore-addict on our radar, he certainly caught our eye. With endless opportunities for fun, exercise, and adventure, we hope the Omnijore continues to pull more joring-addicts out of the woodwork or be the inspiration you need to try something new. We’re hooked already!

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