When it comes to selecting paw protection for your dog, you’re probably considering your outdoor activity possibilities just like you would when choosing footwear for yourself. Thankfully whichever adventure you’re embarking on, Ruff Wear has your dog covered when it comes to performance paw protection. Making it easy to choose the right boot leaves you more time to enjoy your 10-mile run through the nearest forest or at the summit of your next peak.

Your dog’s paws will stay warm and dry even through deep snowshoe treks in our insulating Polar Trex™ winter boots, while our all-terrain Grip Trex™ boots deliver protection on many miles of dusty, rocky backcountry trails. For everyday paw protection, our Skyliner™ boots excel at providing your canine the protective barrier they need when man-made surfaces are unwelcoming to bare dog paws. From winter salt build-up, to adding much-needed paw stability to your next long board cruise through miles of pavement waves, we have your four-legged friend covered.

Each Ruff Wear boot features a different configuration, outsole, and upper all designed to perform at its best in specific environments. We thought we’d help you decide which boot is best for your activities by putting together this easy-to-use Boot Comparison Chart.

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  1. Looking at purchasing either the Grip Trex or Polar Trex boots for my Service Dog. We live in CO so we do get snow. My biggest concern is sharp ice or ice melts, not really the cold temperatures. I have tried both boots on her and I like the Polar Trex better (the others seem like they will fall off). My question though is will the Polar Trex be too hot on her feet if we are using them on a daily basis? Also what size? The store I tried them on at said she was an XS but now that I check out your website I am not seeing those same sizes?

  2. could you please tell me what the price is on the Polar boots.Need a large I own a Doberman Pincher also the hoodies for Dobermans theprice please thank you kindly.H Burns CANADA

  3. Thanks for the feedback Lelien!

    I will pass your suggestion along to our product development team. Meanwhile, our Skyliner boots are super durable and can be used on hiking treks as well! My dog hiked Oregon’s tallest mountain in the Skyliner boots and they preformed great 🙂

  4. Hi,
    You should make the all terrain grip trex boots in the same size range as that of the skyliner. I would have liked to have bought a grip trex boots in the smallest 38mm size for my dog, whom i take canyoning, bushwalking paragliding and surfing.
    would be great if you start doing so!!

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