With the onset of blustery early morning ‘tree touring’ around the neighborhood, the need for technical, yet comfortable warmth becomes a necessity for our canine companions through these winter months.  Ruff Wear’s full selection of winter coats for all weather extremes sometimes begs the question as to which Ruff Wear dog jacket is the best for you and your dog.

Gracie stalking pine cones in her Quinzee

From the heat-trapping insulation of our new Quinzee Insulated Dog Jacket, to the dry, cold weather comfort of our breathable Climate Changer Dog Fleece, your four-legged friend will be covered. Our new winter dog coat comparison chart below should help make it easy to select the coat that fits your needs, whether your pup is cuddled up at your feet while you’re on belay or she’s dodging through trees behind you on your latest backcountry ski adventure.

With no detail left un-sniffed, Ruff Wear has been creating cold-weather dog gear for the frozen tracks and trails. The weather resistant Cloud Chaser™becomes a staple for early morning squirrel hunting, even if the weather turns on you a few miles from home.  And our K-9 Overcoat™ has a new spin for the season – exceptional durability and warmth are still standard, but we’ve added more coverage overall along with sheltered side-release buckles for additional streamlining and resistance to the elements.  The K-9 Overcoat is in its element roaming through town or even negotiating miles of scree fields to your favorite climbing area.

If you’d like to talk to our Customer Service team about Ruff Wear’s winter dog coat options and what’s best for your dog, your climate, and local adventures, please email us at support@ruffwear.com or call Mon-Fri, 8am-4:30pm, 888-783-3932.

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  1. I got the Cloud Chaser coat for my dog when I got him and I like it a lot for him, it keeps him warm so he can enjoy the woods while we’re hiking and snowshoeing just as much as I can! I took him out the other day and unfortunately it got ripped, is there a warranty on the coat or will I need to purchase a new one? I can’t wait to get out in the woods again with him and his coat and boots!

    1. Hi Sarah!

      Our warranty covers defects in craftsmanship and material. A good option may be to try and have a seamstress repair it locally.

      You’re more than welcome to contact our customer service team if you have further questions regarding our warranty policy:

      support@ruffwear.com or 541-388-1821


  2. I have 14 lb yorkie that likes walks and chasing squirrels in the yard but hates the cold. We have a coat for December weather in NJ (high 20 and 30’s in the morning) but need something for the expected January temps and for trips to colder climes. I would like coverage on belly but need a high enough cut because he is a fan of “marking” every tree, pole and bush on his route. Any recommendation?

    1. Hi Carolyn!

      We definitely have coats with a higher cut on the belly. Our K-9 Overcoat and our Quinzee are two great options. To double check sizing and get additional measurements, I recommend contacting our sizing experts in Customer Service:

      or 541-388-1821


  3. Hi, I’m interested in getting a Cloud Chaser for my basenji but I have a question about sizing. Her girth is 24 1/4″ and she is 15″ from the base of her neck to the base of her tail. What size would you recommend? I was thinking of an XS even though it says 24″ girth is the max. Coats typically seem to run too long for her and end up getting “propped up” by her curled tail; leaving a big gap for cold air to get in. Thanks

    1. Hi Scott!
      Thanks for your email!

      It sounds like the Cloud Chaser even in the XS will be too long at 18″. I would recommend getting in touch with Ruff Wear Customer Service to see if they can help find a jacket that will work for you and your dog.

      You can reach them here: support@ruffwear.com or 541-388-1821

      Thank you!

  4. Hey, I just rescued a pup that looks exactly the same as Gracie (pictured above). What kind of dog is she? And does she benefit from wearing a coat in the winter months? I’ve never had a dog with short hair, so I’m trying to figure out what to get him.

    1. Hi Heather!
      Gracie is Pitt Bull, and just absolutely the sweetest thing 🙂

      Pitt Bulls do have really short hair and tend to get very cold in the colder temperatures. I think that the Cloud Chaser™ and the Quinzee™ would both be great options to help with the winter shivers 🙂

  5. Hi,
    We have a Basset Hound who stays outside (he sheds a lot) and a Yorkie who preferrs to be outside. Could you recommend something that they can wear at night that I won’t have to wash every day? I live in Southeast Texas, so the temps are usually moderate (although the humidity makes it seem colder) and although they seem to be ok with the temps, I would prefer to cover them…especially the Yorkie.

    1. Hi Vernon!

      To help me be better equipped to suggest a coat to you, I have a couple additional questions:

      -Are you looking for any type of water-proof material? Or simply a coat for all around use?

      -Are you washing their current jackets every day because they get dirty outside? Can you please explain a little bit more?

      Thanks so much!

  6. Allo!

    We have an older Mountain Feist named Sarah. Sarah HATES the cold and her thinning coat isn’t much protection anymore. Most store bought sweaters slowly pull backward on her fur creating a really unpleasant situation for the old girl. Do you think one of your products could work better for her? We’re looking for something that she could possibly wear inside and out.

  7. I have a Doberman and am thinking of getting a Cloud Chaser jacket for him but since we live on land where there are a lot of brambles and stickers will this jacket stand up to it? Can you help me in choosing a jacket?

    1. Hi Cindy!

      From our experience, brambles and stickers can get stuck in almost anything. With that said, our K-9 Overcoat is the best for overall durability due to it’s tough outer. It’s also extremely warm as well 🙂


  8. I have an American Pit Bull Terrier and a Boston Terrier. We live in Canada so it gets below -30 degress celcius here. Which coats would you recommend for the coldest climates (that cover their bare bellies) to go out in the snow walking and running off-leash in?

    1. get an english cocker, raise in Forestville, québec

      mine wear nothing, first thing they do is to roll in the snow. fantastic dogs.


    2. We moved to Boston last December (from CA) and our short-furred mix breed does well with the Cloud Chaser. It’s kind of like wetsuit material with fleecy lining and keeps her dry and warm in deep snow. It fits very snuggly (like a wetsuit) preventing it from filling with snow, but still allows for full movement.

    3. Hi Jess!
      Thanks for writing in 🙂

      For full belly coverage in the coldest of climates, we’d recommend the Cloud Chaser Soft Shell Jacket. For additional warmth, you always have the option of layering something like our K-9 Overcoat or the Quinzee on top as well (just like how we layer our human gear!).

      I hope this helps!

  9. We have a 41/2 yr old female Rott and a 3 month old male Rott pup. What would you recommend for cold weather coats? Temps can get below zero but they want to be outdoors for walks and play.

    1. Hello Greg!

      I’d recommend our K-9 Overcoat for your Rottweiler’s walks and play time 🙂 It’s a great versatile coat that is thick, warm, and durable.


  10. I have a White Shepherd who loves to canoe and hike. We are thinking about getting him the Palisades Pack so that he can carry his own stuff, a coat (he has arthritis at 9 years of age), and possibly a life jacket . Thanks for the convenient coat comparisons.

  11. Hi There!

    I have a Bernese mountain dog who loves to hike and explore. He carries his own gear in your palisades pack- have to love a working dog! Winter up here in Vancouver means rain and more rain and I would like to get him a coat to try and keep him as dry as possible. He doesn’t need any insulating – what would you recommend?


  12. Thanks for being such a great fan Robin! We’re happy to hear that Ruff Wear products have made your adventures better!

  13. I love, Love, LOVE Ruffwear products! I check out the weather in the morning and choose the proper coat for my pups. One of my dogs especially needs a coat on cold and/or wet mornings as her own coat is very short and nonexistent on her tummy. With her Ruffwear apparel she is comfortable and visible (because of the reflective stitching and piping on her coat and her blinking Beacon light). No more shivering for her as she goes after her ball. Also, when it’s icy, she wears her red Ruffwear shoes to keep her from cutting her feet or having to deal with the snow melting chemicals as we walk. Thank you for such wonderful products!

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