Fewer hours of sunlight mean darker mornings and ever earlier twilight-to-darkness transitions. While our outdoor activities may be staying the same (for now), the luxury of daylight is waning.  This is the time to embrace reflective gear, both for humans and dogs.

Samson stands out in the early morning low light of the forest.

Ruff Wear has our canine companions covered with the one-two punch of the Track Jacket™ + The Beacon™ combo. Recently, Geoff & Samson and Greg & Sophie, on separate occasions, experienced for themselves the power of this dog-worn gear option.

We recently introduced a new color in our popular Track Jacket – Fern Green. This now gives you the choice of either Blaze Orange or Fern Green for your four-legged friend’s visibility jacket.

Adding The Beacon to the Light Loop on the back of the Track Jacket really ups the visibility factor.  In areas where hunters and non-hunters share wilderness, being seen is all the more important.

The new Beacon and Fern Green Track Jacket make getting out the door easy and safe as we head into the winter months!

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