The Beacon has long been one of our most popular products, and when it came time to redesign and refresh this well-loved safety light, we wanted to make it better than ever!

The Ruff Wear Beacon Dog Safety Light - Front and Back Side Graphic
The new Ruff Wear Beacon

The new Beacon has some unique features that, in fact, do make it better than the previous version. In this new light, we made the structure more watertight so in wet conditions, the Beacon would keep on shining! The Beacon’s lens is welded onto the body of the light, creating a tight seal that keeps water out.

Another innovative feature of the new Beacon is the lens itself. It’s inspiration came from the Fresnel lens design found on lighthouse lights.  This updated lens shape omni-directionally disperses the high intensity LED light, ensuring the Beacon is visible at a distance while your dog is breaking new trail.

The popular multiple blink modes are carried over from the previous version of the Beacon. The slow flash, fast flash, and always on modes allow you to track movements on multiple dogs through the different light settings.

The Beacon quickly clips on to collars, apparel, dog harnesses, and more with an integrated clip on the backside of the light. A split-ring option can be attached to carabiners or collars.

The Beacon Light Clipped to a K-9 Overcoat
The Beacon conveniently clips onto the light loop on the K-9 Overcoat

And last but not least, this Beacon features a new lower profile that is sturdy and durable and ready for any outdoor conditions! The Beacon comes with two coin cell batteries (CR2032, 3-volt) included and they can be replaced as needed.

Get The Beacon now in time for the end of Daylight Saving Time on November 5th!

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  1. Hi Jennifer – yes, the new Beacon uses the same batteries as the previous version: two CR2032, 3-volt, lithium coin cell batteries. There is a back panel with two screws that can be removed so you can access and replace the batteries. The batteries are included at the time of purchase. Thanks!

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