When it comes to safety lights for dogs, Ruff Wear has had your dog covered for years with the popular Beacon™.  We are excited to share the updated, high-tech all NEW Beacon with you and your four legged friends!

Here’s a peek at the new, sleek Beacon Safety Light for dogs. Just in time for shorter days and longer nights, available starting Sept 30th on http://www.ruffwear.com!

the beacon is sleek and low-profile for Fall/Winter 2011
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  1. Hi Jennifer! For the old Beacon that you have, here are instructions for changing the battery:
    – the Beacon uses two CR2032, 3-volt, lithium coin cell batteries
    – use a screwdriver or coin to pry off the backplate which is opposite the lens
    – orient both batteries in the same direction, with the positive terminals facing the battery cover
    – align marks and replace the cover

    Let us know if that doesn’t work for you and we’ll be glad to help further. Thanks!

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