Durable: able to resist wear, decay, etc., well; lasting; enduring; able to exist for a long time without significant deterioration.

Here at Ruff Wear, the staying power of our products is important. Whether it’s a toy, a pack, or a coat, we’d rather your dog enjoyed Ruff Wear gear for many years to come than to see that gear prematurely take up space in a landfill.

So, durability is something we build into all of our products. While some products are more durable than others, all Ruff Wear gear is designed to stand the test of time.

When we redesigned our popular K-9 Overcoat™ for the upcoming Fall/Winter season, we knew that our most rugged dog coat needed to stay super durable. We like to think of our K-9 Overcoat as the “Carhartt” of dog jackets.

More to come in our next blog post about the K-9 Overcoat improvements…stay tuned!


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  1. Durable? That is an understatement…. I or rather Tess uses your packs, daily…. In some of the roughest terrain offered, cross country, no trails, jack stick, rocks, boulders and streams, oh did I mention mud? I am so impressed with the durability of these packs. Without their durability I could not do my job nor could Tess. I think when they finally wear out they won’t go to the landfill, I will bronze them! Thank you Ruffwear for making our job so much easier and comfortable. Woofs and Wags, Pat and Tess

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