As a climber, I feel the brunt of the heat during the hot summers at Smith Rock State Park, my vertical play-land. Summer begins a time for body healing and catching up on precious vitamin D for not only myself, but also my canine companion.

Ruby catches a drink from her Palisades Pack

Ruby Tuesday, a six-year-old Great Dane/Pit Bull mix, agrees. A hot summer day turns into a fun hike with minimal climbing as we hike our way towards the river beneath our other “office”-The Dihedrals. What Ruby doesn’t have to worry about is where we’ll stow her leash, food, treats and water. From proudly surveying the rock lands, to cooling off in the river, she has this life pretty figured out in her Palisades Pack.

Ruby takes in the beauty of Smith Rock

Working in Customer Service at Ruff Wear gives me all kinds of perspective for our products, especially a customer favorite like this pack. A field day adventure gives both Ruby and I yet another chance to put our products to the ultimate field test.

Ruby cools her feet in the Crooked River

A rest in the shade near the river gives Ruby a chance to play in the water while entrusting the saddlebags with her humans on the bank.

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