Dogs are not that great at cooling themselves efficiently.  Blame it on their fur or their lack of sweat glands.

But wait! Don’t put away the leash just because it’s warm outside.  By keeping your dog hydrated, assisting in your dog’s evaporative cooling process, protecting them from UV rays, offering shade, and protecting their paws, your dog can join in on your hot weather fun.

Five things to remember for hot weather adventures:

Hydration – Not only is hydration important for your dog’s well being, but it also helps with the cooling process.  When a dog pants, evaporation off their mouth cools them down.  The ability to increase the amount of saliva helps with the overall effectiveness of panting, keeping your dog cooler.

Evaporation – Dogs, unlike humans, are only equipped with sweat glands on their paw pads.  Sweating allows for evaporative cooling, much like the “chills” we get when we air dry after a shower or dip in the river.  You can imitate this process with a cooling jacket, such as the Swamp Cooler.  When wet, the Swamp Cooler pulls heat away from the dog and dissipates it into the air, like artificial sweat.

UV Protection – Dogs can get sunburned just like humans.  Arm your dog with sunscreen, paying special attention to their nose, belly, and inside of their legs.  A UV-blocking coat, like the Swamp Cooler, can also be helpful in reflecting UV rays—especially on dark-coated dogs.

Shade – Shade is nature’s air conditioner.  Taking a break under a tree or in a shady place during your run or hike can do wonders for your dog’s energy level.

Hot Surfaces – Finally, remember that dark surfaces absorb heat, making the ground very hot to run on.  Using dog boots in hot weather creates a barrier between your dog’s paws and the ground.

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  1. My husband and I are parents to an awesome black lab. Living in Hawaii and being a very active couple we do anything we can to keep our dog cool. On a recent backpacking trip we noticed that there is only so much we could do and he had enough. At the time we did not know about the Swamp Cooler, but thanks to this blog post it has definitely made the list of things to purchase. Thanks!

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