Every summer, the Ruff Wear pack heads out on a two-day, overnight camping adventure to spend some quality time together.  We call it our annual retreat and this year’s outing took our team building efforts to a whole new level.

Early Start

Bright and early Thursday, we met at Ruff Wear Headquarters, hopped in a couple of vehicles and headed down to the tiny town of Maupin, Oregon. The Lower Deschutes River winds its way through Maupin towards the Columbia River and is a great jumping-off point for a day of white water river rafting.

Joy On Safety

After a safety/pep talk by our trusty guides, we climbed aboard two big rafts and pushed off dry land to the churning white water ahead.  We soon realized that some of us were not eager to be thrown out of the raft into the river’s washing machine-like action.  In our quest to stay in the boat, we became a crack team of paddlers, rowing with precision and focus.

all together now

That’s not to say we didn’t partake in the cool river water along the more gentle stretches of river.  At one point, everyone bailed out of the raft, turned it over and sat on the bottom for a while. There’s more than one way to float a river!

bottom’s up

Patrick’s kayak vantage point made for some awesome photos along the way!

patrick the happy paddler

After a wild and crazy day, we headed back to camp for a gourmet dinner prepared by our favorite chef, Dove and her sous chefs, Lauren and Rocco. Thanks to everyone who made it possible!

we made it!

A special thanks to River Drifters in Maupin for taking good care of us!

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