What’s black and white and red all over?  A white dog in the night sky with a Beacon™ on!

If you are thinking about taking your dog for a late night hike or a camping trip, you can “arm them with visibility” using Ruff Wear’s Beacon dog light.  Here are a few shots from one of our fans demonstrating just how bright this little bugger is.

Use the Beacon on dark nights far from the city lights….

The Beacon™ dog light in the dark

…or close to home on nightly walks.  The Beacon works great for spotting your dog in the dark, especially for dark-coated dogs that are practically invisible at night.

The Beacon light from afar (across and down the street). Said our customer, "Max is a 17 month old all black Border Collie mix, so in these pictures the Beacon is pretty much all you can see."

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