Customer-submitted photo: Pete and Abby enjoy a canoe ride together.

1. Get your dog tired before he/she joins you in the canoe.  A mellow dog is less likely to wander around, jump out, or tip the canoe.

2. Create a spot for them.  Identify an area that you would like your dog to be and furnish it with their favorite blanket or bed.

3. A good place for the dog to sit is between your knees in the front, narrow part of the canoe.  This gives them less space to move around.

4. If you are canoeing with your dog for the first time, you may consider bringing along an experienced canoe dog to help teach them protocol and model their behavior after.

5.  The shore—not the canoe—is the best place to vent your dog’s energy.  Allow them to run wild and expend their energy during shore stops.

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