You might expect that every day at Ruff Wear is “Take Your Dog to Work Day.” This is a perfectly reasonable expectation, until you consider that the dogs of the Ruff Wear crew outnumber the employees at Ruff Wear. When all of our dogs are here in our open-office environment (think one big room with lots of connected work spaces), it quickly descends into chaos and the dogs take over. And let’s be frank, we are here to get some work done!

But, banning dogs from the office wasn’t an option, so to ensure that we could both be productive and enjoy the company of our four-legged friends in the office, we devised a sign up system for bringing dogs to work. It’s simple – at least 24 hours before your dog will be joining you at work, you sign up your dog for that day.

Ruff Wear's Dog Sign Up Board

This sign up system gives us a way to manage the number of office dogs on any one day (to combat the chaos) and it provides opportunities for dog BFF’s to come to work on the same days. Artie + Samson = Wrestlemania!

Some other guidelines we have for making sure dogs are a positive part of our work environment are:

  • Dogs are not allowed to bark incessantly – our customer service team needs to be able to hear people on the other end of the line.
  • Dogs may not rush visitors as they enter the office – our UPS guy is a little afraid of dogs and a running greeting doesn’t help!
  • Dogs need to use the great outdoors when nature calls – the area by Greg’s desk is not an indoor doggy restroom (Bailey and Ripley, this is for you).

We encourage every workplace to welcome dogs, even if only for Bring Your Dog to Work Day on Friday, June 24th!

One thought

  1. Here at The Seeing Eye, every day is take your dog to work day too. We handle it a bit differently because of the different dogs we have on campus – staff dogs, puppies in the puppy raising program, dogs in training to become guides, and working dogs.

    Staff are allowed to bring their own dogs to work and leave them in a climate controlled and monitored special staff kennel. During breaks they can take them out to play and run in our five-acre fully fenced field. Lunch time is a riot, with every dog type imaginable playing together, from a pug to a great dane!

    Staff who are also raising a puppy for the program can bring the puppy to work every day and keep it in their office with them.

    Of course, working Seeing Eye dogs can go anywhere their handler can go, so there are lots of wonderful adult dogs throughout the offices.

    Dogs in training have their own four-story building on campus and travel throughout the campus and all over town with their trainers.

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