Yes, it’s visible.  Yes, it has reflective.  Yes, it helps dogs swim.  But there are three additional features in our canine lifejackets that may not be as obvious.

Handle Location

The handle makes for convenient lifting up and over the kayak, canoe, watercraft, or dock.  But some people ask why it is so close to the front, as opposed to centered on the lifejacket?

Think of a suitcase handle, which is centered.  Have you ever tried to lift a 50-pound suitcase by its handle?  Luckily, dogs have limbs to help assist in the lifting process.  Having the handle location towards the dog’s head allows for maximum use of the water’s natural buoyancy, while also encouraging the dog to “climb” out of the water using their front limbs.

A handle closer to the dog’s head also makes it more convenient, and easier to reach.

The location of the handle makes for convenient grabbing, while encouraging the dog to "climb" out of the water.

Handle Size

Dogs can be a handful, but that doesn’t mean they need a giant handle.  Our float coats are specifically designed to be low-profile to prevent snagging on river and lake debris.  For the dog’s safety, the handle should be low profile enough to prevent getting hung up on obstacles, while being large enough to accommodate a human hand.

The handle is as low-profile as possible while still accomodating the size of a hand.

Engineered Flotation

Too much flotation or too little flotation can affect your dog’s swimability.  Our coats were designed to assist dogs in the water, giving them just enough flotation for them to feel confident in the water.  Too much flotation (especially on the underside of the coat) can cause a dog to get out of balance, forcing them into an unnatural swim position.

Our lifejackets provide engineered flotation to help the dog swim in a natural horizontal position, providing just enough flotation on the underside to help prevent fatigue and maintain balance.

The flotation is engineered to float dogs in a natural, horizontal swim position.
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