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4 thoughts

  1. Great blog! My suggestion would be to add some tips on proper hydration/fuel for dogs when running/hiking, understanding physical limits for dogs, and how to read when your dog needs a break. Keep up the good work!

    1. Hi Lauren – Thanks for the suggestions! We will add them to our idea list. In the meantime, you may find these articles interesting:

      How much water should a dog drink in a day: http://dogblog.ruffwear.net/2010/04/09/how-much-water-should-a-dog-drink-in-a-day/
      Common Hydration Questions: http://dogblog.ruffwear.net/2009/06/30/common-questions-about-hydration-on-the-trail/
      Signs and Treatment for Heat Stroke: http://dogblog.ruffwear.net/2009/08/05/dont-sweat-heat-stroke/

  2. Love the blog and love Ruffwear’s gear. The content I like most are the “how tos” and insider info. It’d be great if you could share more information about what’s you’re working on or is in concept form.

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