While looking up instructions for making a paracord survival bracelet, we thought, “Hey!  This would make a great dog collar!” So you can have a stylish dog and an easy way to carry a lot of paracord–all in one.  The paracord can be used in case of emergency, or double as a replacement lead.  What do you think?

Tip: For added adjustability, use your collar as the base for the paracord. This way, you can still adjust the collar, and there’s still a collar on your dog in case you use the paracord. Thanks for the tip, Echo (below)!

dog collar paracord survival bracelet
How to Make a Paracord Survival Bracelet (courtesy of Backpacker Magazine)

5 thoughts

  1. I have made these for our dog, I have found that if you want adjust-ability, you should use a regular collar as a base, and build the paracord onto it. that way, if you need the cord for an emergency, you still have a lead on your dog.

  2. I was just thinking about making a matching 550 chord collar and leash for my dog so she could match my husband’s army uniform. I was taking inspiration from your double back leash and was going to use a carabiner as the leash clip. Then I see this on your blog, so now I definitely have to do it.

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