We’re not sure why dogs and beer go hand-in-hand.  Maybe it’s as simple as, “those who like dogs also like beer.” Or maybe it’s that each craft beer is as unique and individual as our canine companions.

Regardless, we’ve noticed a lot of suds with canine-inspired names lately; and for that, they have the honor of appearing on our blog.  Think of it as a wish list of all the beers we’d like to try in the name of…uh hum…work.

Big Sky Brewery (Bozeman, MT)

Powderhound Seasonal

Boneyard Beer (Bend, OR)

Bone-a-Fide Pale Ale

Flying Dog Brewery (Frederick, MD)

Raging Bitch Beer

Doggie Style IPA

Canis Major

Wild Dog

In Heat Wheat

Old Scratch Amber

Road Dog Porter

Tire Bite Golden Ale

Hair of the Dog Brewing Company (Portland, OR)

Doggy Claws

Lucky Labrador Brewing Company (Portland, OR)

Black Lab Stout

Red Dog Depot (Redmond, OR)

Red Dog Red

Rogue Ale (Portland, OR)

Yellow Snow IPA

Silvermoon Brewing (Bend, OR)

Hound’s Tooth Amber

Spanish Peaks Brewery (Bozeman, MT)

Black Dog Ale

Thirsty Dog Brewing Company (Akron, OH)

Labrador Lager

Hoppus Maximus

Old Leghumper

Irish Setter Red

Siberian Night

Whippit Wheat


We hope to eventually try them all.  Have you tried any of these?  Do they live up to their name?

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