dog beer outdoorsWe are all about the “go local” movement and we embrace our local industry.  Lucky for us, that industry happens to involve barley and hops.  In fact, Central Oregonians don’t just talk business over suds—we make it!

Located just 150 miles from Ruff Wear Headquarters is the craft beer mecca of the world: Portland, Oregon.  Aptly named the “Microbrew Capital of the US”, Portland boasts 37 craft breweries, around 50 pubs, and the largest beer-consuming community in the US.

That loyal brewing culture extends beyond the city limits of Portland, all the way from the Oregon Coast, to the high desert of Central Oregon. With eight breweries within Bend’s city limits, Ruff Wear’s hometown is quickly reaching levels of “Beervana.” Bend has more breweries per capita than nearby Portland, and is home to Oregon’s leading producer of craft beer (Deschutes Brewery).

So, if you are visiting Oregon, drop by for a pint and become a part of the experience at one of Oregon’s 81 breweries.  While you’re there, you can impress fellow patrons with your vast knowledge of Oregon beer trivia:

  • Oregonians consume 2.89 million barrels of beer per year.
  • There is one brewery for every 9,111 residents of Bend, Oregon.
  • The Oregon market is the largest market for every craft brewer in Oregon, consuming 358,000 barrels of local craft beer a year.
  • Bend, Oregon is home of the Cycle Pub – A pub on wheels that lets you drink beer and burn it off as you bike.
  • Oregon’s brewing companies employ more than 4,700 people.


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4 thoughts

  1. “Microbrew Capital of the World”, Portland boasts 37 craft breweries, around 50 pubs, and the largest beer-consuming community in the US.
    Microbrewery capital of the US I will accept if you say so, but of the World!! I think not. A glancing look at Europe would produce plenty of evidence otherwise.

    1. Generally, the ones with outdoor patios (Widmer in Portland, Lucky Labrador in Portland, 10-Barrel in Bend–to name a few) allow dogs to sit at the tables outside.

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