There’s a lot of girl power here at Ruff Wear: Power to bail down the backside of a mountain on sticks, power to agitate the singletrack dust, and power to wear down the tread on our trailrunners.  Because we embrace our womanhood–and the female four-leggers that do it all right alongside us–we introduced a pattern that is outdoorsy (yet girly), pretty (yet bold), and subtle (yet strong).

Our Lotus pattern was inspired by the yoga-influenced lotus flower.  Because the lotus flower is beauty that floats atop muddy waters, it is the Buddhist symbol of life, new beginnings, growth and evolution into something beautiful.  It also has a strong association with femininity in many cultures.  Looking back at the Daisy pattern of Ruff Wear’s past, we feel our Lotus pattern really is the evolution of our “flower pattern” into something more beautiful, feminine, and progressive.

The Original "Flower" Pattern, The Daisy (Circa 2003)
Evolution of the Daisy Pattern (Circa 2008)
The Current Lotus Pattern (Available on the Hoopie™ Collar and Flat Out™ Leash)

The pink lotus flower is the supreme lotus, generally reserved for the highest deity. Thus naturally it is associated with the Great Buddha himself.


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  1. I’m a guy, and I totally fell in love with the lotus design…AND immediately bought it for my boy dog Drake. I can’t wait to rock our ‘girl power’ leash with his purple top rope collar.

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