Part of what we do is find inspiration in the things around us: our gear, our environment, and our activities.  So when designing a new pack, coat, leash, or toy, we look for new ways to incorporate these outdoor influences into our products.  The Central Oregon landscape gives us great opportunity to do this.

Not only do the mountains, rivers, and lakes around us inspire us to get outdoors with our four-leggers, but they also inspire innovation in product design. The most recent example of this inspiration is our new collar and leash patterns: the Cascades, Topo, Klickitat, and Lotus.  Each one of these patterns were influenced by our outdoor surroundings, and we’re excited to share the stories behind their heritage, starting with the Cascades pattern.

The Cascades Pattern

West-coasters are probably well-versed in the mountains that make up our landscape.  Central Oregon is home to part of the Cascade Mountain Range–of which Mt. Bachelor, Broken Top, The Three Sisters, Mt. Washington, Black Butte, Three-Fingered Jack, and Mt. Hood can be viewed right from our corporate window–or at least a stone’s throw away.  Given that this skyline inspires so much outdoor adventure, it was an obvious choice for the next generation of Ruff Wear patterns (the pattern is the exact copy of the view from the Rainbow Chairlift at the Mount Bachelor Ski Resort outside of Bend, Oregon).

The Hoopie™ Collar and Flat Out™ Leash (Cascades Pattern)
The Inspiration for the Cascades Pattern--the Central Oregon View of the Cascade Mountain Range.

So, while West Coasters may have guessed the story behind this pattern, we didn’t want the East Coasters to feel left out.  Here’s a little tip: Turn the pattern upside down and it shares a close resemblance to the Appalachian Mountain Range!

The Cascades Pattern (Upside Down)
The Appalachian Mountain Range--Resemblance or Not?

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