Remove all contents from your dog’s pack and re-pack. Remove any out of date items like dog treats and medications.

Inspect gear for wear and tear.

Mend and repair any worn spots or malfunctioning clips/buckles.

Readjust the fit of harnesses, packs, and apparel. Dogs may gain or lose weight, as well as add or shed hair, which can change the fit of a product.

Clean all water bladders.

Shake out buckles, freeing them of dirt and debris.

Check the operability of all clips and carabiners on your collars and leashes.

Update any out-of-date or illegible information on your dog’s tags.

Reseal gear with a waterproof coating or treatment.

Wash outdoor dog beds.  Store unrolled and unstuffed.

Take inventory of your dog’s first aid kit and replace any expired items.

Replace batteries in safety lights such as The Beacon™.

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