Did you know that avalanche dog rescue teams that apply for Ruff Wear’s Ambassador Program get geared up with an official Ruff Wear uniform?  This uniform is comprised of a harness, leash, and collar—everything a dog needs for the snow-covered backcountry.

The Avy dogs of Aspen/Snowmass show off their Ruff Wear uniforms

We took the best and most utilitarian products we make to create this uniform.  But with so many collars, leashes, and harnesses in our line to choose from, how did we decide on these products?

The Web Master™ Harness

The Web Master™ Harness serves as the uniform’s “official jacket”.  With room place a patch or badge, convenient leash clip-in, reflective trim, visible red color, and a comfortable frame that dogs can wear 24/7, this harness is a great uniform base.

Flat Out™ Leash

The Flat Out™ leash is our most versatile leash.  It can be adjusted to be a short or long 6’ leash, has a traffic handle for extra control, poop bag loop, and a convertible handle for waist-worn or tie-out applications.

Hoopie™ Collar

The Hoopie™ Collar is comfortable and utilitarian.  It features an easy on/off side-release clip, separate ID attachment point, and a strong, welded D-ring for leash attachment.

Bark at Us: If you could create the perfect uniform for your dog, what products would it include?

3 thoughts

  1. Ruff Wear Any product can be tailored to the needs of a team of working dogs. All of them can take advantage at any given time.

  2. Max’s ideal all Ruff Wear working gear would be:

    Bark ‘n Boots Skyliners
    A Palisades Pack or Singletrak-depends on the day
    A Hoopie Collar
    A Flat Out Leash
    A Cloud Chaser for our many rainy days
    A Beacon for night time or early morning outings

  3. I think Winston’s perfect uniform would be.. The approach pack. The Cloud Chaser. And the Bark and Boots Skyliners.

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