One common question we get asked: “My dog’s shoes stink!  What should I do?”  We’ve got some simple solutions for cleaning and maintaining stink-free dog shoes.

Why do dog paws stink in the first place?

Well, a couple of reasons.  First, dogs naturally produce secretions as a way to mark their territory.  Add the fact that dogs also sweat through the pads creating the canine equivalent of B.O., an aroma intensified when the sweat glands are activated—noticeable by a moist paw.

What to do about stinky dog boots?

The first thing you can do is wash the boots using the following steps:

1.     Remove from storage bag

2.     Secure straps and closures

3.     Wash in warm water, gentle cycle, mild detergent

4.     Lay flat to dry

We’ve also heard of a couple other things you can try, though we’ve never tried them ourselves.

1.   Use foot spray or powder inside the boots.

2.  Freeze the boots (we have no idea if this works, but it sounds very green approach, and we like that!).

3.  Stuff newspaper and leave overnight.

4.  Sprinkle the inside with baking powder.

5.  Rub rubbing alcohol or vinegar on the inside of the boot.

Have you tried any of these?  Did they work?

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