1.     Enhanced Boot Fit.

A couple millimeters can change the entire fit of a dog boot.  Some dogs have slightly different sized front, back, left, and right paws.  Bark’n Boot Liners™ can help compensate for that size gap, enhancing the overall fit.

2.     Comfort.

Imagine taking a five-mile run.  Now imagine doing it without socks on.  Bark’n Boot Liners work like a sock to provide comfortable layer of protection against sore spots, hot spots, and irritation.

3.     Easy On, Easy Off.

Dogs have all sorts of things that get in the way when trying to put on a boot—hair, nails, dew claws…Slipping a boot liner over the paw first makes putting on boots a cinch!

4.     Moisture Wicking and Insulation.

Dogs cool themselves using two methods: evaporative cooling through panting, and sweating through their paws.  Boot liners will help wick the moisture from the paws, allowing it to evaporate and continue the cooling process.  Likewise, in cooler weather, the liners will act as an extra layer of insulation.

5.     Smelly boots.

Dog paws can get dirty and smelly.  Cut your clean up time in half with boot liners—which can be easier to wash than a set of four boots.

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