Do: Pick the right boot for the type of terrain (pictured here: the Skyliner™ boot - ideal for man-made and groomed surfaces).
Don't: Assume your dog will wear the same size boot in every style. Each of our boots fit differently, so always measure your dog's paws and compare with the size chart before selecting a boot style.
Do: Make sure the strap fits above the metacarpal/metatarsal pad and below the dew claw/carpal pad for the best and most comfortable fit.
Don't: Be afraid to find other ways to use our boots to make your dog more comfortable; for example, for rehabilitation or extra traction for three-leggers.
Do: Give your dog a boot break-in period. Take your dog on short-duration activities on a variety of surfaces prior to a long adventure.
Don't: Default to a larger size to save time measuring. Measuring your dog's paw width is the only way to ensure the right size. A boot that is too large is more likely to rotate or fall off.

Do: Use the Grip Trex™ boot for rugged, natural terrain; the Skyliner™ boot for manmade or groomed terrain; and the Polar Trex™ boot for icy or snow-covered terrain.

Don't: Make your dog live without a full set of four boots. If you lose one, you can buy singles at

Do: Stop and let your dog's paws take a breather in warm weather. A dog sweats primarily through its paws, so resting with the boots off will help with the cooling process.
Don't: Be the only one caught gear-less. Just like gear enhances human performance in outdoor activities, it will help maintain your dog's performance so he/she can go farther and longer alongside you.
Do: Adjust and re-tighten boot straps on all boot styles after a few minutes of play to ensure a snug fit.
Don't: Leave home without them. Boots help prevent paw injuries, provide traction, and protect paws from the elements.
Do: Use Bark'n Boot Liners™. Liners help wick moisture, enhance fit, and protect against hot spots.

These amazing canine athlete photos are brought to you courtesy of our fans on Facebook.  We hope they know they are all DO’s for getting outside and sharing their adventures with their canine counterparts!

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