You may think big a dog equals big paws.  But after sizing up hundreds of dogs over the years, we’ve found that a dog’s  overall size and weight does not correlate with the size boot they wear.  Surprised?  Consider this: a man walks into a shoe store and asks the clerk, “I’m 200lbs, what size shoe do I wear?”

Here are few more reasons you can’t judge a paw by its dog.

1.     Ruff Wear boots are sized based on the WIDTH, not length, of the paw.  So even a dog with a long paw can wear a small size boot.

2.     Some big breeds have dainty paws, and some small breeds have wide paws.  Many typically “large” dogs (for example Greyhounds, Huskies, Ridgebacks, Dobermans) actually have small paws, while some smaller breeds have very large paws (Basset Hounds, Bull Dogs).

3.     The difference between a Small and Large boot is actually only half an inch, but that half-inch can mean the difference between a boot that stays on and one that doesn’t.  So hasty measurements or guessing the right size generally results in the wrong size.


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1.    Have your dog stand on a firm surface.

2.    Place a piece of paper under the front paw.

3.    Lift dog’s opposite front paw so that the weight is placed firmly onto the paw being measured.

4.    Mark BOTH SIDES of the weighted paw at its widest point on the sheet of paper.5.    Measure that distance, and choose correct boot size from the figure below.

Did you know? The most common Ruff Wear boot size among our customers is size Medium (2.75”).

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  1. I’ve just bought a set of the Grip Trex for a female greyhound (currently under weight at 27kg, ideal weight 30kg). I purchased the XS size (57mm) after measuring her front paws. Due to the long slender feet on a greyhound, I am finding the boots will slip off – even with the socks on and boots tightened up to the point where the V cutout overlaps.

    It appears to me that they are not really a suitable design for dogs with long slender feet? The fit on a greyhound is nothing like on the dog on your website – which has stocky feet and legs.

    (I’m a bit disappointed as they are a substantial price to buy in Australia. Other greyhound owners should be aware of potential fitment issues.)

  2. My pet wears the Barkn’ Boots 2x per day 7 days a week. She also has experienced wearing about 6 other styles of boots. Please consider the following feedback for a product revision:
    1)Boots arrived with fabric that forms v-gusset not attached (insufficient selvage was left to hold stitching).
    2)Superior outer sole, no improvement requests noted here.
    3)A good mark for no inner side seams that chafe pads or toes.
    4)Inner foot bed needs a lot of improvement. It’s like a person wearing a shoe without the inner sole. Needs padding. The center rubber “rib” that’s present just underneath the inner foot bed can be felt by the pads. The stitching towards the back of the foot bed & cuff can also be felt. The stitching at the very front of the foot bed by the toes can also be felt, and is the worst offender for pad chafe/callous, however all of these contribute to pad chafe & callous, this one is just the worst. The texture of the fabric in the foot bed also contributes to chafe. Overall, socks help some, but really not that much.
    5)Chafe to the point of bleeding can also occur at the boot collar. Socks do help for this.

    For other consumers reading this…it’s still best boot on the market in our estimation for durable outdoor walking. We have about 6 years experience, and lots of folks stop to talk to us about it every time we are out. We would just like to see this boot improved for pad chafe issues. (Really would you wear your shoes without the inner sole?)

    As a hedge against chafe in your pets pads, recommend Balm by Dynamite, as often as you can get it done. And of course keep the nails clipped.

  3. I bought a large pair of barkin boot but they immediately come off of my Bouvier. He is very active but has successfully worn boots for many years. Upon examining the boot it seems that the gray strap has slipped each time. Is there any way to prevent this?

  4. My dog is a Service Dog but has never worn boots. We live in a colder climate and I am concerned about ice melts, cold grounds, and sharp peices of ice. I have tried many boots on her and they rotate even though the size is correct. Many other Service Dog users have recommended your boots. Do you have suggestion on keeping boots from rotating? I have not yet purchased your boots but plan to in the very near future. She is an Australian Shepherd, weighs 40 lbs and it looks like she would wear an XS.

  5. Our dog only has 1 front foot so there is a lot of weight on it. When I measure her foot, it is 3.25″ indicating an XL, but she kicks them off. They also seem very long. Her foot from toe to dewclaw is only 4″. Any suggestions for getting a proper fit?

    1. Hello Jacque,
      Thanks so much for the email!

      I went ahead and sent in your info and question to our sizing experts in Customer Service. You will be hearing from our team shorty!

      Thanks again!

  6. I wanted to let you know that although I used your sizing instructions when I was fitting boots for my dog, the recommended size (XS) did not fit her because her feet are so long (3 1/2 inches) and also very tall (high knuckles). I ended up purchasing size M which fits very well. I was lucky to be in a store that let me try them on otherwise I would have wasted money on a incorrect size.
    Maybe you could give a range for each dimension (height, width and length.)

    1. Thanks for the feedback. We agree that if given the chance to “try on” the boot, you will have the most success. Because dog paws come in a variety of shapes and sizes, we have found the occasional paw that is too long for the recommended boot size (especially in the smaller sizes). Thanks to customer feedback, you can look forward to improvements to the boot height on smaller sizes beginning in April…but be sure to measure because the new boots are taller, and therefore have more volume–so they may not fit exactly like the old ones!

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