Figuring out the right boot can have your dog spinning in circles chasing your tail.  Figuring out the right boot is as easy as asking yourself these three questions: In what type of weather is my dog typically using the boot? What type of terrain are we typically on? And, in what activities will we be using the boot?

Each Ruff Wear boot has a different outsole, upper, and configuration designed to perform in different environments.  For example, the Polar Trex™ Winter Boot has an extended gaiter to keep out snow, and an ice-specific outsole for traction on ice.  The Grip Trex™ Boot has a breathable mesh upper for warm and dusty trails, and an omni-directional lug outsole for extra traction on natural terrain.  The Skyliner™ Boot has a cuff and waterproof upper to keep puddle and rain water out, and a flexible outsole for traction on pavement and sidewalks.

If your tail is still kinked into a question mark, here’s a cheat sheet:


If the WEATHER is: icy

And the TERRAIN is:  icy or snow-covered

And the ACTIVITY is: winter hiking, snowshoeing, Nordic skiing, or skijoring

Then, the best BOOT for you is: The Polar Trex™

Bark’n Boots™ Polar Trex™ Winter Dog Boot

If the WEATHER is:  mildly cold to hot

And the TERRAIN is:  natural, rocky, or steep

And the ACTIVITY is: hiking, running, walking or backpacking

Then, the best BOOT for you is: The Grip Trex™

Bark’n Boots™ Grip Trex™ All-Terrain Dog Boots

If the WEATHER is: mild or wet

And the TERRAIN is:  man-made or groomed

And the ACTIVITY is: walking or running

Then, the best BOOT for you is: The Skyliner™

Bark’n Boots™ Skyliner™ for Everyday Paw Protection

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  1. Hello, I think your blog might be having browser compatibility issues.
    When I look at your blog site inn Ie, it looks fine but
    when opening in Internet Explorer, it has some overlapping.

    I just wanted too give you a quick heads up! Other
    then that, wonderful blog!

  2. My family is moving to Phoenix, Arizona and we are from Sacramento, California. I’ve been told I need to get boots for our dog because it get so hot in Phoenix that Angus will end up getting heat blisters which boots would you recommend
    Thank you
    Imhof family

  3. I purchased a set of medium and a set of large ones for my two Labradors and they looked like the same size to my eyes. Anyhow, the boots were fitted correctly but kept turning upside down for some reason while traversing on scree and boulders in the backcountry. I thought maybe they weren’t fitted right, but going down another size would have been one size too small.

    My black lab has dew claws and the top of the boots eventually cut into the flesh between the claws and the paws. I tried duct-taping the boots at the top to keep the dew claws in, but that last about five minutes before the sliding movement in the boots eventually exposed the claws again. With the boots kept turning upside down and the black lab in pain, I took the boots off both dogs for the remainder of the trip.

    The claws eventually got infected while we were still in the backcountry, despite my effort in dressing them with the help of my first aid kit. I returned the boots to REI.

  4. Hello,

    My 45 lb. Border Collie/Aussie mix is a Search and Rescue Dog, and several times this summer she has torn the pad off of one of her paws, removing her from training and SAR service until it healed. I can see these boots staying on for a backpacking trip on regular trails, but our SAR activities mean that she is literally bounding through all types of growth- up and over logs, through debris. Will a properly sized boot really stay on trough all of that? And, if we should lose one, is it possible to purchase one separately, or do we have to buy a whole new set? Many thanks – trying to keep her out of the vet and in the wilderness.

    1. Hi Bridget. Thanks for writing. The key is to make sure that they are properly sized. If you get the right size, they should definitely stay on in your varied environments. Watch this video to see how to get the proper measurements: Also make sure to measure the front and rear paws as they may be a different width. You can always order single boots from our website or call us at 888-783-3932 for help in ordering. Our new Summit Trex and our Grip Trex boots both would work great for you.

  5. I am visiting my Mom with my Rott/Border Collie mix. She was an abused/rescue dog and will not even let me look at her nails, let alone trim them. While here on my visit, she broke 3 hind claws, one so bad it had to be removed completely. I don’t know what it is about the terrain here vs. home, except that there are a number of embankments that she likes to power up, and there is a driveway with heavy road base rock on it. At home their is a lot of dirt, gravel and pavement, but no real banks.

    I’m wondering if the GripTrex boot would help prevent this on her next visit. This time, the vet trimmed all her nails while she was sedated, but I’m going to come back again. I know the perfect solution is to have her nails properly trimmed, but I’m concerned that they could still break, and a nail trim will always require sedation with Tilly, and that is a $100 vet visit.

    Thank you,
    David (and Tilly) Chamberlain

    1. Hi David,
      Thanks for your letter. The Grip Trex are our easiest boot to put on so if Tilly doesn’t like to have her feet touched, they would be your best option and would definitely help prevent injuries from rough surfaces. Feel free to call us with any questions 888-783-3932

  6. I have a 5 year old Boxer whoe´s claws are very fragile and need protection. We hike and are very active. We live in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico so we always go for a swim to cool off. First question is, what size grip tex should I get if her front paws measure 2.25in and her hind paws measure 2.0in.? Question 2 is, would you recommend grip tex for beach use as well?

    1. Hi Luis, Thanks for writing to us!

      For sizing, you can actually order single boots. This would be your best option – to order two 2″ boots and two 2.25″ boots. That way you get the best fit for all four paws.

      As for beach use, we do recommend the Grip-Trex over all of our boots for beach and water use. They are our most breathable boot and therefor the boot that also drains water the best.

      We hope that helps!

  7. I have a 60lb Pit mix who has allergies and licks her pads a lot. She is off to the vets tomorrow because she has a crack on the side of her paw at the top of her pad and on another paw has a red and inflamed nail. We live in Florida and she is on the sidewalks and grass. Which boot would be better the Skyliner or the Grip Tex…she also plays in the backyard with our other dog and runs in the park.

    1. Hi Judy. Either boot is going to work great for you. The Skyliner is an excellent daily use boot for man made surfaces (like pavement and tile) as well as some off-road use.

  8. I have a Golendoodle. We are a Pet Partner Therapy Team. He has trouble with the slick floors when we are visiting a hospital. He is not afraid of the floors but when he sits his front and rear feet slide. We have his pads trimmed but doesnt help. The patients like his tricks but he is unable to performe on the slick floors. He is 90# and 29 inches tall. Being an indoor dog, the breeder deocked his tail so he wouldn’t swipe things off the tables. I think that has an effect on his sit with his hink legs coming out from under him in a sit position. Do you think the Grip Trex would solve our problem?

    1. Hi Ron, We have had a few therapy dogs use our boots for the same reason – traction on slick indoor floors (especially hospitals). Both the Grip Trex and the Skyliner Boots work well for this. We think they will definitely help. Just make sure to get your dog used to them in a fun setting (like playing their favorite game) before heading to the hospital so that the boots become a positive experience for your pup!

  9. I have a 2 year old boxer who is a recent front leg amputee she weighs about 50# and I am now looking for a boot that will give her traction and support in my home on wooden floors to help keep balance. Any help or support would be great thank you.

    1. Hi Charles. Thank you for reaching out to us. Both our Skyliner and GripTrex work great for assisting dogs with grip on hardwood and linoleum floors. There are multiple reviews on each product page where customers talk about using both boots for this purpose. If you have any sizing questions, here is a video explaining how to measure your dogs paw width:

      If you have any further questions, please call us at 888-783-3932

  10. Can the grip tex and/or skyliner boots work for trails that have stream crossings? I am wondering if getting them in the water off and on throughout a hike will cause chafing on my dogs paws or other problems. Or would one boot be better than another for those type of trails?

  11. I’m looking for a boot for our Bernese Mountain Dog…. We’re having temperatures consistently in the negative this winter, so I’d like something that will be good in the cold & icy conditions, but also good on the hot pavement in the summer & out in the woods hiking across rocks and whatnot. I’d like to buy just 1 boot for both scenarios if possible. Any suggestions would be great! Thanks!

  12. Good evening, i have a 13 inch beagle that i run with everyday, at least 3miles,my problem is every time he wears boots they end up falling off.
    I live in Montreal and it gets really cold, and it snows a lot so losing a boot in the snow sucks, ( it happenned 4times so far ) the polar trex seem good. Any suggestions?

  13. Hi! I have a border collie and I want to buy her a boot. We want to use it on hot pavement and in the snow when it gets icy and cuts her paws. Which one is the best for my dog? I don’t want to buy two boots, one for summer and one for winter.

  14. Hi I have a 110 pound goldendoodle that runs long distance with me but he gets terrible balling of ice and snow in his paws and in between his pads. what is the best boot so that he can run in the snow and still have some traction?

    1. Hi Iceypaws,
      Your best bet for traction in the ice and snow is our Polar Trex boots ( The Polar Trex has a Vibram® Icetrek® ice-specific sole with snow gripping lug pattern. If you are looking for a boot to use all year round, you might want to go with the Grip Trex ( I hope this helps! Let us know if you have any more questions.

  15. Have a 14 year old border collie having trouble getting traction on our wood floors. I have to hoist him up! Once he’s up and moving seems fine and if he’s on his rug/bed can get up as well. Any suggestions for footwear that might help?

  16. I bought a set of red grip trex in 2011 for my golden doodle and black for my brothers golden doodle. Shadow is still using the black ones, they are in goos shape and stay on. But coco’s red ones have not worked well. The Velcro stopped working well after a month so her boots were falling off and the gussett frayed on all the boots ( one fell off in the woods and we never did find it).

    Here is my problem — coco’s paws get caked with snow and ice balls making it hard for her to walk. We need a new set of boots but I want ones that will stay on and not fall apart. Do you have a recommendation?

    1. Hi Kathy,

      Thank you for reaching out to us. First, please contact our customer service about the boots that have frayed. Call us at 888-783-3932. Our team can help take care of you.

      As far as boots that would work for your Golden Doodle, what is the width of her paws (here is a video that helps explain how to measure for boots (–ISy4g&index=3)? Once we know the paw measurement, we can help identify the right boot for her. If she gets a lot of snow balls building up, she may need the Polar Trex boots.


  17. I have a border collie of 47 lbs. We run about 10-12km/hour on road with snow and ice during one hour every day. Do I am better to chose Grip Trex or Polar Trex for that speed? We practice cani-cross (she tow me with an elactic rope)…?

    1. Hello Kim,
      You could use the Grip Trex or Polar Trex for high speeds on snow. With that said, the Polar Trex are our Winter specific boots and have a sole made especially for Winter conditions and may be more fitted for your purposes. We do recommend a snug fit to ensure the boots perform properly, so if you are in between sizes – size down.

      Thank you and have fun on the trails!

  18. I was just wondering which boots would work for my puppy.i want them more for indoor use as my floors are all hardwood and poor puppy has a hard time walking on them. He is very large he is a cross with black lab and saint Bernard. at 7 months he weighs 120lbs so i am also not sure what size. any info you can give me would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you

    1. Hello Tiffany,
      We would recommend either the Grip Trex or Skyliner boots for indoor use. Both have non marking soles and would add some great traction for your pup. To get the correct size – please measure the widest part of the paws and give us a call if you have any questions: 888-783-3932.

      Thank you

      1. I recommend the Skyliner boots. A 7month old puppy’s still growing, Skyliners do stretch a bit to adjust for a puppy. On second thought, the socks with grips on the bottoms will work for indoors while the pup’s growing.

  19. Hello, We live in Dubai and enjoy taking our staffy with us camping and hiking in the canyons where he runs in the water. He loves to run up and down the sand dunes, but as a typical staffy, he will keep going – even though his pads are getting irritated. I am looking for a boot to protect him from abrasions. A boot that can keep sand out. Would the grip tex with boot liners work? many thanks!

    1. Hello,
      We have seen both boots used in the sand, however, as with human shoes, sand is a very hard thing to keep out. The liners would help. For beach use, we typically recommend the Grip Trex. The reason for this is that they have a more breathable upper and drain better when wet. None of our boots will keep all of the sand out but we recommend the Grip Trex for your application. As with any boot, make sure to get the right size. If the boots are too big, the sand and or water can pull them off.

  20. my dog has a nerve disorder which causes him to drag his back feet and walk on his knuckles. Is there a boot that will help protect the tops of his feet from dragging on concrete when we go on walks? He uses a rear support wheelchair when we go on walks, but not in the house. Any suggestions?

    1. Hi Jessica,

      The Grip Trex boots have a more durable upper than the Skyliner boot, though both should hold up well for you. Because he would be dragging the boots, make sure to get the correct size so that they do not get pulled off.

      Grip Trex Boots –

      Skyliner Boots –

      If you have any specific questions on the boots, do not hesitate to contact us!

  21. I’m in the market for indoor boots for my 15-year-old Jack Russell, who has arthritis and sketchy balance. I’m thinking of the Skyliners. How long could I let him wear those each day? Are they something he could wear to run around (safely) on hardwood floors?

    1. Hi Lauren & Spot,

      The Skyliners would work great for indoor use. As far as how long to leave them on, they are not quite as breathable as the Grip Trex boots so we wouldn’t recommend leaving them on all day but you can leave them on for a while and take them off for periods of time just to let the paws breathe some. We hope this helps. Please let us know if you have any more questions.


  22. I just picked up a pair of Grip Tex for my injured dog. They were recommended by the wheelchair manufacturer. She had a couple of bad falls and is in a wheelchair or sling for rehab. She has a lot of trouble staying upright and steady without the aids. The Grip Tex are like orthotics! I had her fitted in the store and she was immediately walking better! At home she is getting around much more safely and securely and is less stressed.

  23. I have an assistance dog and we do a lot of walking in the city. My dog is a lab/golden cross and he tends to “prance” when he walks. Meaning he has a bit of a high step. This means his boots often turn over upside down after a while, They are as tight as I can make them, any suggestions to stop this?

    1. Hi Rachel,
      When you purchased the boots did you measure the width of his paws? If so, what is that measurement. I want to make sure that we are trying out the right size of boots for his paws.

  24. Hello,
    my crossed dog LABRADOR/BOXER of 10 years likes she can follow me, but since a few years became very difficult safe(sure) of big stroll,
    she suffers, of the blow I make him(her) only strolls.
    I would like to put back(to hand) her(it) very gradually to the stamina (for the heart, and for the morale;)

    In fact 5 years ago she(it) injured itself the leg before right (and the back) with a bottle of glass broken (result(profit): hooks(staples), and phalanx ” released(slackened,relaxed) and rereleased ” because tendons affected(touched) unfortunately under the straight(right) leg (which is its leg of support) .Un in the daytime, I noticed, further to a boiterie,
    that this phalanx (which does not have a holding(dress) anymore and which of the blow is longer than the other fingers, with a spicy claw upward a space between toes in the long run) on the leg of support was inflated and that there was for one ” on bone ” down (a hurdy-gurdy breaks during a jump badly received according to our vet.
    It is inflated and hard and painful for my dog)
    of the blow it pulls(entails) boiteries. (Inflammations, and it weakens the other side, and the back) both lax phalanxes deviate a few(little) from the others (what had in the long run the effect of causing(provoking) under the foot of the other points of wears and frictions.
    In answer to these repeated frictions I noticed the following modification:
    the natural shoot of a new small cushion in the continuation of the former(old) and up to the fold, in the shape of V.

    I have an idea that if I managed to find him(her) the maid chaussure:
    – who would have enough in-depth space not to compress too much this claw which of the blow exceeds(overtakes);
    – and: which(who) at the same time will gather(collect) all the phalanxes, by wrapping them (a kind of “prosthesis” for a concentration nature so that the leg finds these natural supports, you see?):

    I think that it would distribute better the points of rested(supported) and that of the blow she(it) would have fewer supports on the painful phalanx

    Of what there do you think?

    I began to put back(to hand) her(it) very gradually to ” the training ” (small strolls at a trot for its “cardio”: one a day. With stretchings and massages after).

    She(It) is so voluntary…

    She(It) also has of cure of ” métacam ” regular (3 in 7 days until the clinical answer) but it is not good after all for the liver nor for these loins and the stomach (already fragile) (and to the dog back and stomach are very confidentially connected!)

    I need advice(councils), then I thank you all and all in advance

    ( Thank you for writing without the most possible fault so that the translator is then the most precise possible, I am French);)

    One thank you in advance for my faithful friend (her name is UTOPIA)

    1. Mon vétérinaire pense que mon idée est bonne , à moi de trouver la bonne chaussure (ou la bonne paire ; ) Que me conseilleriez vous ?
      chausettes et chaussure souple et flexible avec semelle ?

  25. Bonjour , ma chienne croisée LABRADOR/BOXER de 10ans aime pouvoir me suivre y a quelques années , elle s’est blessée la patte avant droite (et l’arrière ) avec un bouteille de verre brisée (résultat agrafe, et phalange “relâchées et ressorties” , la patte droite est sa patte d’appuie .
    Un jour, j’ai remarqué que cette phalange relâchée sur la patte d’appuie était gonflée et qu’il y avait comme un sur os en dessous (une vielle fracture lors d’un saut mal réceptionné selon notre véto) du coup cela entraîne des boiteries.

    les deux phalanges relâchées s’écartent un peu des autres (ce qui à eu pour effet à la longue de provoquer sous le pied d’autres points d’usures (et la pousse naturel de coussinet à un endroit ou elle n’est avait pas à la jonction du pli entre deux phalanges.
    J’ai dans l’idée que si j’arrivai à lui trouver la bonne chaussure qui aurait suffisamment d’espace en profondeur afin de ne pas trop compresser cette griffe qui du coup dépasse, et qui en m^me temps rassemblerai toutes les phalanges , par sa forme sur les cotés, pour que cette patte retrouve sa largeur presque original : je pense que cela répartirai mieux les points d’appuies et que du coup elle aurai moins d’appuis sur la phalange douloureuse … qu-en pensez vous?
    merci de vos conseils (à tous !) de la part de ma chienne utopie

  26. Hey there.
    I’ve got a 70lb pointer/pit mix. We just moved to the city and he has been having a lot of problems with blisters on his feet. I want to get some boots but don’t know if the Skyliners will holdup against the texture on the concrete where we live. We play hard.
    Also I plan on not being in the city for much longer (year or so) and we will go back to the country and hike outdoors. For this reason I’m wondering if the Grip Trex are better for our situation.
    Thanks for your help.

  27. Hi there, my great 11 year old (acts like 3) 80 lb mutt just became a tripod last week. I live in chicago and face all weather and terrain from streets to beach. I have no idea how he will react to boots, but I am worried about our hard wood floors and outdoor injuries. Slyliners? Trek? Help for this tired mom is appreciated. Marcelle

    1. Hi Marcelle,

      Thanks for the question. I would say for indoor wear and general paw protection while playing outside, the Skyliners would be the best model. They are comfortable, lightweight, and flexible. Also the rip-stop nylon upper portion is water resistant, so it will keep out rain or sand from getting inside the boots.

      Hope this helps.

      Ruffwear Customer Service

  28. I can’t decide between the Grip Tex and the Skyliner. I have a 20lbs mini aussie. He is an indoor dog, but I am going to start running quite a bit with him. It will be mostly on grass and cement. We won’t be going super long distances, but I’m worried about his super soft feet. I also want to be able to let him off leash when we go hiking without worrying about him cutting his feet if he leaves the trail. I thought the Grip Tex would be the most versatile, but I’m worried he won’t be able to break them in because he doesn’t weigh much and is quite timid.
    Insight would be great.

    1. Hi Sara,

      Thanks for your question. I would recommend the Skyliners for what you are describing. Your concerns on the Grip Trex are valid. They are more difficult to flex with smaller dogs. I have a 20 lb Mini Schnauzer, and use the Skyliners for everything, including hiking and all terrain wear. They work great for the flexibility and hold up fine in all situations. Plus they are lighter weight, and a great entry level boot for timid dogs.

      I hope this helps, let us know if you have any further questions.

      Ruffwear Customer Service

  29. Hello,
    I have a sizing question. I’ve measured my dogs paws as outlined in your instructions: Front: 2″ Hind: 1.75″
    That would be your smallest size: 2″ (51mm).
    Does that sound correct for a 55 lb. Australian Cattle Dog?
    I just want to be sure before ordering.
    Thank you!

    1. Hi Ralph –

      Thanks for your question! Yes, based on your measurement, the 2.0″ (51mm) would be the right size. We don’t use the dog’s weight as a determining factor in boot sizing, it’s all about the dog paw width. For example, I had a 75 pound greyhound that wore an X-Small size boot!

      Because the hind paws are smaller, you’ll want to make sure the boots are very snugly attached. And, I’d recommend checking them every 10 minutes or so to ensure they are firmly in place. You can cinch the boots pretty tight on the dog’s paw!

      If you’d like to chat with us on the phone, we are available Mon-Fri, 8:00am – 4:30pm Pacific time at 888-783-3932. Feel free to call if you like!

  30. Our 12 yr old dog has developed tumors growing in between her pads on both her front feet. :(( They are caused by an unknown allergy and we need to find boots to keep her active. We have test driven several brands without luck. It looks like Ruffwear could help us. We live in Santa Barbara. CA and Pickle is an avid hiker and beach runner. Thinking of getting the Grip Trex for the trails and the Skyliner for the beach. Thoughts?

    1. Hello Kathleen,
      You are on the right path. Grip Trex are great for all terrain hiking and running. However since they use high breathability mesh, I do think sand could eventually work its way in there. The Skyliners would keep out the sand much better. If you are looking to only get one style, then I would recommend the Grip Trex.

      Please let us know if you have any further questions,
      Ruffwear Customer Service

  31. Hi –

    We are using the Grip Trex on our Border Collie for a vacation by the river. Our dog loves the water but the river bed is extremely rocky. Is the grip trex the right boot for her? Should we use the liner with the boots in the water?

    1. Hello,

      Yes, we would recommend using the Grip Trex for the rocky river conditions you describe. You can use the liners in the water. The liners are a nice synthetic material, so they will dry quickly and help with abrasion inside the boot.

      Thank you and please contact us if you have further questions,
      Ruffwear Customer Service

  32. my english setter is a hard runner the ground is very rough with rock ,bush and bog what boot should i buy

    1. Hello John,

      We would recommend the Grip Trex for the terrain and activity you have mentioned. They are a great all terrain boot that have a rugged Vibram sole for traction and flexibility.

      Thank you and please let us know if you have further questions.
      Ruffwear Customer Service

  33. Hi, We have two labs, one large and one medium, they love the pool, but with an open air pool in Florida during the summer, the decking can get very hot. Which boot would you recommend that would allow them to continue to swim as normal, but protect those paws when they get out to run around?

    1. Hello Ian,

      We would recommend our Grip Trex boots. The air mesh will help the boots drain and dry. Please measure your canine’s paws to ensure that you get the correct sized boots and a secure fit.

      Thank you and please feel free to call us if you have further questions: 888-783-3932

  34. Hi!

    I was wondering if you could advise that shoes I should get in this scenario:

    I am working on endurance work with my dog. I will be biking with him, but we were in the city – it will almost be 100% concrete. The distances we are building up to is 100km.

    We have the GripTex, but was wondering if another more flexible-soled (Skyliner?) shoe would be better for this usage.

    Thanks for all your help!

    1. For endurance like that, I’d suggest the Grip Trex. The soles on the Skyliners wouldn’t be suitable. The Vibram sole on the Grip Trex is much sturdier.

      1. We agree! The Grip Trex would actually be the best choice for you and your dog in this scenario.

        Comparing the two, the Skyliner would be more of a tennis shoe vs the Grip Trex which is more of a hiking shoe or trail running shoe that is also great on man-mad surfaces.

        I hope this helps!

  35. Hello, we are taking our dog sailing and wondering which bootie you recommended? We need it specifically for gripping on the deck when the boat heels. It seems like the Grip Trex boot is the best choice until your wonderful innovators design a specific boating bootie :). Thanks!

    1. Hi Clarice!

      For boating, we actually feel that our Skyliner boot is the best boot. It was specifically designed with boating in mind. It’s fairly low profile, while still having the rubber sole for gripping that will not scuff the deck.


  36. Hi. We moved from Denver to Padre Island (Corpus Christi, TX). Our aging basset hound, Lucy, does not like the walks here. There are no sidewalks, and the asphalt roads are a very rough “tar & chip” base. In the gutters and on the non-road surfaces, there are what we call “sticky burrs”. These are little stickers that grow everywhere here. She gets them in her feet all the time and won’t walk any further. My question is: Are the Skyliner boots thick enough to withstand stickers? If not, then I’ve got no problem going with the Grip Tex. I’ve also got a 1 1/2 year old lab/border collie mix that I’m going to get the Grip Tex for. She loves chasing the ball, which we have to do on the road because of the stickers, but the asphalt really tears up her poor paws. Thanks for any advice!!

  37. We recently moved to a three-level house with wood floors everywhere, including the stairs. My ten-year-old golden is having a problem going down the stairs. Often she’ll slip a bit, then panic and traverse the remaining stairs at a high rate of speed. I’m concerned that she’ll either injure herself or balk at going down stairs. Otherwise, she has no problem with the wooden floors, and has no problem outside.

    She normally goes down stairs just twice daily. My thought was to put booties on her when she’s ready to go downstairs, and take them after she gets to the bottom. Your advice? Which of your booties would you recommend? Would I put them on her front paws only or on all four paws? She’s small for a golden, only about 55 lbs. Size?

    Do any stores in Victoria, BC sell your booties?



    1. Hi Cary! Great questions and thanks for writing in!

      Ultimately if you’re looking for traction indoors, our Skyliner boot is the way to go. I recommend a set of four for all paws when using them.

      As far as sizing, we base our boot sizing off of the width of the paw rather than the weight of the dog. You can see our size chart here:

      Additionally, you can find your nearest Canadian retailer here:


  38. Hi! Would you recommend the Polar Trex for city use as well? Will the sole be resistant enough for walking on pavement covered with salt and sand? We have mild temperature this winter so sometimes the roads are covered with snow, or ice, or it all melted down to the pavement, or it’s a combination of all three! Which of your boot would be best? Thanks!

    1. Hi Karine!
      The Polar Trex boot is our warmest, insulated boot specifically designed for winter use. The Vibram sole is made to add better traction in icy or snowy conditions. If it’s simply packed snow or mild ice, you might consider our Skyliner boot, however in extreme cold/ice/snow, our Polar Trex would be the best choice.


  39. I have a mini Aussie who loves the pool, but the pool surface is hard on his feet after just a few minutes of swimming his pads are bleeding, Do you make a shoe he could swim in ? Summer is just around the corner.

    1. Hi Maria!

      Although none of our boots were designed to be water specific, our Grip Trex boot does feature and upper mesh that water could drain out of to an extent. The boots will preform similar to human hiking shoes in water. Although not ideal, they can do the trick. We have a ton of customers that use them for the same type of protection 🙂

  40. Hi Everyone,
    Our old German Shepherd Dog, Moses, has a back problem and neuropathy. The muscles in his hindqarters are atrophied. He can still walk but his rear toes turn under and are often scraped and bleeding after going out to potty. We live in Colorado and he has to contend with snow and ice in the yard. He also slips on our wood floors. We have a Blue Dog harness for him and help him to the best of our ability. But he still likes to “do it himself.” Would any of your boots helps him?

    1. Hi Ann-
      Thanks for writing in!

      Although our boots are not specifically designed for this type of use, they can benefit on a case by case level. We have endless customers who have had success with the boots when using them in the same fashion you are. They typically can still serve the purpose of protecting the canine’s paws, however because the boots are designed for forward running or walking, they tend to wear through much faster if used outside of the intended use.

      A great resource for this is actually our customer service team. They are boot experts and have dealt with every scenario under the sun. They also happen to love helping! You can reach them here:


  41. I have a pair of Labs and the velcro on the top on the boots goes right over their nail on the inside of the front legs, it irritates them so much they cannot wear boots on the front. It seems like a great fit otherwise. Is there any warm weather ones that secure higher?
    or is it the wrong size?


    1. We have the same problem with our wolfhound mix. He has big toes, but long spindly legs. We have two sizes of Ruffwear boots (his front feet are a different size than his back feet), but both have the velcro binding strap crossing over his dew claw making them too uncomfortable for him to wear.

      Ideally, I think it would be great if the Ruffwear boots all had two or three different channels you could feed the velcro strap through, so you could adjust where the binding strap lines up on the dog’s ankle.

      1. Charmz-
        You’re right, all dogs are unique and special which is what makes them so amazing 🙂 With this however, we do see that our boots fit each canine companion a bit different.

        I would also recommend double checking sizing and consulting our in house boot experts:

        Ruff Wear Customer Service: or 541-388-1821


    2. Hello Jeff-
      The most important way to ensure that you have the best size, is to double check that your canine is getting the best possible fit by measuring your canine’s paws (front and rear).

      Once you’ve measured, feel free to talk to an expert to ensure that you’re getting the best fit.

      You can reach our Customer Service team at or 888-783-3932.

      Thank you!

    3. Something that I did so my dog’s dew claw wouldn’t be irritated was to use vet wrap to hold his dew claw snugly to his leg. Then the Ruffwear socks go on (unless it’s REALLY hot!) and then the Griptrex. With his dew claws secured down, the boots are much more comfortable for him and the vet wrap offers some padding too.

      1. Glad to hear you’ve found something that works! We hear these success stories often 🙂

  42. Hi, I have a 9 year old boxer. She weighs around 70 lbs. She has a medical issue where her rear end sways not keeping up with her front end. We have wood flooring in our home and she can not get a grip or walk on the wood flooring without slipping or sliding, contorting going to the floor. Our vet suggests that we try boots that would help her get a grip? What would you suggest and would she need boots for all four paws or just her hind end? Are your boots designed for all day wear?

  43. Our chow/retriever mix has flat paws due to his tendon not operating properly. What would you suggest we buy? The polar boot will definitely work, I think, for the snow here. We also need a spring/summer/fall boot, as well.

    1. Hi Cheryl – do you have a store in your area that will let you take your dog in and try the boots on? Here’s a link to our online store finder:

      We recommend carefully measuring your dog’s paw width and then choosing the right boot size based on that measurement. If you can try the boots on in the right size, you can best determine if the boots will work with your dog’s unique paw condition.

      Regarding boot style, the Polar Trex is designed specifically to function best in cold temperatures where snow and ice are present. The Grip Trex boot is great for rocky trail conditions in spring, summer and fall.

      If you’d like more assistance, feel free to contact our Customer Service team at or 888-783-3932. Thank you!

  44. Hi, thinking of buying the GripTrex, but in measuring my dog I found her front paws to be 2.5″ and her rears to be 2.25″ Should I buy 2 of each size?

  45. I have a pug and her feet meaure about 1.7″ The grip trex work great on her back feet but they slip down on the front feet, leaving alot of space in front of the toes. Then she trips on them, although they do not come off accidently. Is there anything I can do to fix this.

    1. Hi Chris –

      One thing we can recommend you try is the XXS-XS Boot Liners. If there’s a little extra room in the boots, the liners can “take up” some of that space making for a more snug fit. Here’s a link to the Boot Liners on our website:

      If you’d like some additional one-on-one help, please feel free to contact our Customer Service team at or 888-783-3932, Mon-Fri, 8:00am – 4:30pm, Pacific Time.

      Thank you!

  46. My border collie is going in for a toe amputation 🙁 to have some cancer in her foot removed. I’m thinking of a boot to protect that foot while she recovers and maybe long term if it needs the protection. I think the grip trex is the one, but should I put her in just one boot or is it better if they wear 2 or 4 for balance, feel, etc.??? Thanks!

    1. Hi Lisa –

      We’re sorry to hear about your border collie’s condition! Putting one boot on a dog’s paw for medical purposes, etc. is something that we’ve heard our customers do from time to time. It’s an effective way to keep the dog from licking the wound and also also keep the wound clean. While, there shouldn’t be an issue with having only one boot on, every dog reacts differently to having boots on their paws.

      We sell single boots on our website, here are some links to the Grip Trex and Skyliner Boot styles:

      Grip Trex:

      We hope your dog recovers quickly and beats the cancer!

    2. The Grip Trex have the Vibram sole and it may be awkward to wear just one boot. Most people have walked around with one shoe on and it can be uncomfortable and puts strain on the muscles.

  47. My beagle/rat terrier mix Zoey has very small feet (a bit less than 1.7 inches properly measured), so she should fit the skyliner just fine. Problem is is that I take her hiking and on very long walks; everything about the activities we do indicates that the grip tex is the best shoe for her. Do you make the grip tex in a 1.5? Would the skyliner be breathble/durable enough for our activites (New England climate)? I bought your roamer leash and I’m EXTREMELY happy with it, and your boots look like the best on the market by a long shot. HELP!

    1. Hi Dan,

      I’m sorry I don’t have a response – but I am in the same boat as you! I also have a beagle/rat terrier. He runs with us, generally between 3 to 5 miles. I know it is still August, but it is never too early to think about winter here in Chicago. We get plenty of snow and ice in the city but are running on the trails. I think that the Polar trex is just too much boot for him, but I’m not sure which of the others would be best and stay on. I agree that ruffwear appears to be the best – believe me, I’ve done my homework!

    2. Hi Dan – we’re so sorry for the delay in responding to your questions! We only make the Skyliner boot in a 1.5″ width. As you’ve probably seen, the smallest Grip Trex measures 2.0″ wide.

      Fit is critical for the boots. We would recommend the Skyliners for Zoey. They are pretty hardy boots and can stand up to light snow and cold weather conditions.

      Thanks for your question! If you’d like to call us, we are here Mon-Fri, 8am – 4:30pm at 888-783-3932.

  48. looking for boots for our border collie to walk in the mountains this summer. I am afraid the grip tex boots will keep on falling off and the Polar trex will be to hot.

    what do you advise

    1. I would recommend the Grip Trex boots because they are breathable and have superior traction on (non-snowy) terrain. Even though the Polar Trex boots are taller, they are essentially the same structure as the Grip Trex boots, only with an added gaiter for leg insulation. What actually keeps our boots on is the combination of: 1) a pigskin grip cuff; 2) micro-adjusting Sure-Cinch ankle strap; 3) expansion gusset. With really good measuring (we recommend measuring at least two times and measuring both the front and back paws), the Grip Trex boots should stay on your dog without problem. For instructions on measuring for boots, please check out:

  49. Dog loves wearing boot since they protect his paws. Our dog grows his nail quickly there for we should buy dog boot for our dogs.Dog boot also makes winters comfortable for our dogs.

  50. Hi, I got the Grip Trex all terrain boots for my dog they seem to fit her fine I’ve asked multiple stores, but every time I put them on her she just lies down. She will walk in them on a leash but otherwise she just lays on the ground as soon as they are on her. I bought the socks as well. Anything else I should do? I am worried they are rubbing her but can’t find proof of that. Any thought.
    Nicole (and maggie too)

    1. What I did was do something that my dog really likes to do. Positive reinforcement the whole time. We played ball. He happily played fetch with me in the yard and I adjusted the boots till they stayed on properly. He’s never too thrilled with them but when the asphalt is hot enough to fry an egg, he prefers the boots. He wears Grip Trex in winter and summer.

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