When the mercury falls, a dog’s body kicks into overdrive to keep them warm.  There are a few dogs whose ancestry, coat, and biology make them particularly good at this–ideal breeds for frosty days.

Do you have one of these breeds?  How is your dog “made for the cold”?

Chow – The Chow’s thick, fluffy coat acts as a barrier to cold temperatures.

Great Pyrenees – With Shepherd roots for livestock protection and a heavy coat to resist the elements, these dogs have been invaluable to herders.

Husky – Generations of sled dog training far North of the Equator have primed this breed for cold weather.  In fact, Huskies were the primary dog used in the “diphtheria serum run” which later became the “Iditarod”.

Saint Bernard – Probably the most cliche’ cold weather dog (often pictured with its barrel of whiskey in the snow), these dogs are appropriately represented.  This breed has saved countless people lost or injured in the Swiss Alps.

SamoyedThe Samoyed is sturdy and covered with a thick, full coat.  The Samoyed has always been a popular choice for a sled dog, since they are able to pull over 1-1/2 times their weight.

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  2. ……………..Help Your Dog Handle the Cold Weather……………………………………………………………………….. But that doesnt mean they dont suffer through the cold weather like the rest of us.

  3. It can strike at any time of year however and turn a pleasant warm period into a shock of cold and a need to find ways to keep warm. Indeed cold weather can be nasty whether youre camping in the mountains or hanging around in the garden.

  4. I have a Saint Bernard and a Pyr and neither want to be out in the cold, unless they’re playing! They are WIMPS! My Pyr won’t even drink the outside water– it’s too cold!

  5. I just love Big dogs, right now I live in town so have a small dog . If I could i would love to have a full collie, the typical Lassie, I had Pat as a kid and I still miss him.

  6. Baron, my Australian Shepherd is a true snow dog (and water dog in the summer). He outlasts most dogs I know in below zero temps. And is always rolling around in the snow because he is hot.

  7. Yeah, with all these north breeds from Asia an Europe, you somehow missed our very own Alaskan Malamute! Polar (my malamute) is not very pleased.

  8. I have a mutt, but he is Chow, GSD, and Labrador. He has a dense double layer coat along the lines of a Chow or GSD but it’s short. It also happens to be waterproof (bathing is a joy). I have repeatedly caught him outside rolling in the snow and when the temperature was -13, I couldn’t get him back inside. Definitely, a snow dog.

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