Dear Santa:

I would really love some new kicks. You may recall that I have some nice Ruff Wear Jackets (below), but really they are SO three seasons ago. Plus, you got me the wrong size and I practically swim in the softshell.

I know some dogs think it is ridiculous that I wear a jacket, but they don’t shiver and shake like me when temps hit the single digits. So, please get me this jacket in size medium. Kisses.


Cloud Chaser Jacket

Plus, I like tops of mountains. Tops of mountains are slippery in the winter, even for dogs with all four legs. I want to try these crazy boots- even though I’m not sure I like how tall they look.


Polar Trex Winter Boot

Thanks Santa!

Slobbery Kisses,

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  1. Hey Santa,
    If i could wish for anything, it would be a nice pair of those grip tex boots, I might not be a high level mountaineer,but i love my long walks but I get ever such sore pads, from walking on the roads here in the south of england and that horrid grit salt, getting in after a walk is as much a chore for mum as it is for me, foot bathing and drying then oil….and all i want to do is lie down. And mum thinks id be able to go a lot further with a pair of boots, i think she just wants to see my ‘boot’ dance.
    Thank you Santa in anticipation,
    Barney Moore(ex racer)

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