Have you pondered the idea of winter camping and want to know how to include your dog?

Just like we humans have gear to keep us warm and comfortable in frigid temperatures, so do dogs!  Ruff Wear has spent years working with dogs in the outdoors to create a product line to get dogs outside—rain, sleet, or snow!

Years of research and product testing cold weather dog gear have taught us a lot about keeping canines warm.  Here are a few of Ruff Wear’s tips for cold-weather camping:

1.     The Cloud Chaser™ soft shell jacket is a great option for all types of cold weather.  The fleece-bonded interior and body-hugging fit create a second skin for your dog, insulating them against the cold.  The water-resistant exterior keeps the elements out and your dog warm and dry.

2.     Sleeping on the ground can result in a loss of body heat.  Insulate your dog from the ground with a Highlands Bed™.  The Highlands Bed creates a barrier between the dog and the cold ground with layers of Thermore® insulation.  The water–resistant shell prevents ground moisture from reaching your dog.

3.     Take steps to prevent snowballing of fur which is cold and uncomfortable for dogs.  Keeping fur trimmed around the paws, and creating a barrier to the snow with dog boots and a jacket can help prevent snowballs.

4.     Keep your dog’s nails trimmed to prevent them from ripping their dog bed or the floor of your tent.

5.     Pack extra grub.  Dogs can burn a lot of energy in cold weather and use a lot of energy keeping warm.

6.     Some dogs are more resilient in cold weather than others.  Keeping your dog’s heritage and tolerances in mind is important when determining when and where to take them.  Checking the weather forecast ahead of time is also a good idea.

7.     When all else fails, a good snuggle is in order.  Remember body heat has miraculous warming qualities!

For more tips on cold-weather camping with your dog, check out this great winter camping site.

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  1. Cold weather can be hazardous for and if you have an outdoor dog you need to take special precautions to keep him safe through the winter.

  2. If everything fails and you and the dog are really cold, even even your coat doesn’t warm up the dog enough… snuggle up together in the human sleeping bag 🙂

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