If you were a dog boot, what dog boot would you be?

Take this quiz to find out.

1.     On a cold day you’ll find me:

a. On a walk, as long as it’s followed up with a cup of hot chocolate by the fire.

b. Out on the trail, as long as it’s not too icy or snowy.

c. Tearing down the mountaintop.  The more snow, the better!

2.     I prefer:

a. Walking

b. Hiking

c. Skiing

3.     When picking out something new, I consider:

a. Fashion and function equally.

b. Function over fashion.

c. Who can see what anything looks like when covered with three feet of snow?

4.     I like my feet to be:

a. Dry.

b. Breathable.

c. Warm and insulated.

If you answered mostly “a”: You are a Skyliner™ Boot.  The Skyliner boot has a non-marking, flexible sole, ideal for manmade surfaces and moderate weather.  The waterproof exterior and gaiter add a “puddle proof” layer to dog’s paws.  This boot is great for walks and runs on groomed surfaces.

If you answered mostly “b”: You are a Grip Trex™ Boot.  The Grip Trex boot is versatile enough to cover a variety of weather conditions and natural terrain—from rock to dirt; sun to light snow.  The breathable mesh provides comfort on long-duration activities such as hikes, backpacking adventures, or longer trail runs.

If you answered mostly “c”: You are a Polar Trex™ Boot.  The Polar Trex boot was created specifically for snowy, cold conditions.  It’s insulated and waterproof, with an extended gaiter to help keep legs and paws warm in inclement weather.  The ice-specific sole provides traction in cold and icy conditions.  Ideal for walks and runs in the snow while human is skiing, snowshoeing, or hiking through the cold backcountry.

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